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First Whole 30 Victory

Delaine Ross

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Let me just start this with I am a former fitness competitor and when I "retired" I decided I would never, ever measure my food again or count calories. When starting the Whole30 I had flashbacks of carrying a cooler everywhere I went and isolating myself from friends for 12 week periods at a time. I'm on Day 8 now - at the end of a weekend at the lake with my big drinkers of friends.

This is NOTHING like the shackles of weighing/measuring food or even calorie counting. Whole30 eating is liberating! It's totally doable.

So, my best friend (who moved to Chicago last Fall and I NEVER see) is in town for the weekend. On the way to the lake, we stopped at a local market and picked up fresh cherries, eggs, grass-fed beef/pastured sugarless sausage, and some fresh veggies for cooking over the weekend. We also stocked up on LaCroix and limes. He isn't doing Whole30 but he did Paleo for a period of time last year and at least understands (He won the fat loss challenge at my gym last year so he knows it works!)

In my bag, I brought a jar of coconut oil, a couple of cans of coconut milk (for coffee,) South African Smoke seasoning (my new favorite find from Trader Joe's,) some ghee, avocado, macadamia nuts, Crystal hot sauce and sardines - just to be safe!

Now I didn't exactly stick to the 3 meals a day protocol and found myself snacking on cherries and macadamia nuts in the afternoon - and post swimming I even made myself a bowl of heated sardines and avocado as a snack (don't knock it til you try it!) But overall, it was pretty easy. I made up the burgers and cooked them on the grill, contributed by grilling veggies and making guacamole. Basically, I just had to say no to the chips, crab dip, and potatoes.... Oh.... and the wine. OH, the wine ;)

Honestly, passing up alcohol was the hardest part (and the only thing that has derailed my past attempts at Whole30) but I've decided this time that that is EXACTLY what I need to give up. I played bartender and made the margaritas (it's really hard to make margaritas when you can't taste test and moodify, but my friends were super polite about it - haha) and then just stuck with my LaCroix with a sprig of basil in it.

RIght now on Sunday morning, I'm at the table getting some stuff done on the computer and sipping my coffee with coconut milk... feeling much better and more rested than my hungover counterparts. :-)

A small victory :-)

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That is awesome - and very encouraging. I kick myself a couple of times a day when I realize that I am starting this the month that I go on vacation - a week at a beach house for a friend's birthday - there will be alcohol...ugh. Fortunately, the birthday girl is pretty much paleo herself, so am not too worried about the food temptations, but the beer will be hard. Must take my La Croix, my Kombucha and some club soda! Thanks for the inspiration.

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