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  1. Delaine Ross

    Ingredient Question

    How many days did you take it? My gut feeling is to say as long as you stopped when you found out you shouldn't need a restart.
  2. Delaine Ross

    Recommendation for Multi-Vitamins

    Pure Pharma is a good brand:
  3. Try unflavored Natural Calm at night (it's a powder you mix with hot water and sip) and it helps with the issues you brought up as well as sleep quality and exercise recovery. I'm actually having some right now.
  4. Delaine Ross

    Frozen pork from it ok?

    I think you're ok on this one.
  5. Delaine Ross


    Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield
  6. Delaine Ross

    Chewing gum

    Chewing also sends signals to the body to prepare for food to come.... then it doesn't and throws everything off.
  7. Delaine Ross

    Foods you used to hate

    Mayo, beets, and liver. I absolutely LOVE liver now. I've been known to put a candle in pate on my birthday....
  8. Delaine Ross

    Whole30 foods while backpacking?

    Primal Pacs and Epic Bars!
  9. Delaine Ross

    How to eat.

    The most heartbreaking thing for me is to see a severely overweight person with frozen diet meals and "light and fit" processed, artificially sweetened yogurt thinking that they are doing the right thing and really trying to make a change... they just don't know that you can eat delicious food and make so much more progress!
  10. Delaine Ross


    It's so much better. Hard not to eat it with a spoon right out of the Vitamix
  11. Delaine Ross

    Almond or coconut milk compliant?

    Also, stay away from carageenan in Almond Milk
  12. Delaine Ross

    Traveling for a week

    Are you going to have a Whole Foods close by? Their hot bar has been a saving grace for me on business trips.
  13. Delaine Ross

    New to Whole30

    In addition to what GFChris said, The Foodee Project has an entire Whole30 Approved recipe section. One more thing... don't get overwhelmed and think you have to make complex recipes. You can make your Whole30 as simple or as complex as you have time for.
  14. Delaine Ross

    an argument for meal planning (and against LARA bars)

    I feel you. Even before my introduction to the Whole30 I found I couldn't eat fruit and nuts for breakfast without craving sugar all day long.
  15. Delaine Ross

    Vegetables, veggies, side dishes

    Honestly, I'm a huge fan of simplicity when it comes to cooking: asparagus on the grill, etc... BUT if you want to get creative, here are some I found in the Whole30 section of the Foodee Project: Moroccan Cauliflower Rice Roasted Beet Salad Tomato Basil Salad And they have plenty more where those came from.