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  1. Delaine Ross

    Recommendation for Multi-Vitamins

    Pure Pharma is a good brand:
  2. Delaine Ross

    The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30

    Yep - a friends mother had questioned the Stevia leaf and I knew it was out, but couldn't give a concise reason why. Just forwarded it to her.
  3. Delaine Ross

    Boars head meats

    I was at Publix and had the poor meat slicer read all of the ingredients of the Boar's Head deli meats. None of them were without sugar (to his surprise - he didn't want to check because it's "Crazy to think Organic Turkey Breast would have sugar." I asked nicely and he checked. Sugar in them all. Applegate Farms has a couple that are compliant.
  4. Delaine Ross

    Calories - do I really not count them???

    It's really hard to overeat the right kind of foods. Try to finish a 32 oz ribeye and a whole plate of broccoli.... but I sure wouldn't have a problem polishing off an entire box of cookies if challenged! The processed, "fake" foods that I ate before this lifestyle (The Las Vegas Strip in Your Mouth as Dallas and Melissa call them) have no brakes. You can keep going long past when you aren't hungry... But real foods trigger a hormonal response that causes you to know when to stop. Not counting calories is THE BEST part (I mean... aside from feeling better, looking better, performing better, and sleeping better - HAHA)
  5. Delaine Ross

    Can I have Marijuana

    One of the biggest plusses of the Whole30 Program is that satiety signals are reset so you can eat until you're not hungry anymore instead of counting calories (assuming you are eating the correct foods.) Marijuana seems to cause a satiety signal mix up so I would say no... But am excited to see what Melissa has to say!