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Accidental Peanut Consumption - Start over???

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I've just come back from dinner at my best friend's house. Being adorable and lovely, she said she would cook us a meal for my birthday, even though I'm on Day 14 of my Whole 30. She asked for a list of stuff I was avoiding, what I could eat, etc. So far, so good, right?


We had a lovely meal, I didn't drink, heck, I didn't even stuff my face with sugar-laden birthday cake! Go me! It was great to be able to chill out with friends and celebrate my birthday without being in a bar, answering 7,000 questions about why I'm not drinking/eating this, that or the other...


The thing is, when I went into the kitchen to help with clearing up, I noticed the opened packet of peanuts. Dun-dun-derrrrrrrrrr! :-/


I casually asked if she had used them and she said she'd ground them up in the sauce (which was oh-so-tasty, OF COURSE...cue me eating shedloads). I just didn't have the heart to tell her, as she had tried so very hard. My heart just sank, as I have been so happy with how my Whole 30 has gone so far. I've been feeling so much better in myself - physically, mentally, emotionally, the works! 


What should I do? Bearing in mind that the main reason for doing this Whole 30 was to really work with my gut and to nail the sugar dragon to the wall, too. Pre-whole 30, I was already dairy, gluten, soya and FODMAP free due to allergies and a connective tissue disorder. I'm just wondering if eating a meal with a sauce containing peanuts will be enough to complete set my gut  back to square one??? Do I need to restart at Day 1 or could I just hold off on reintroducing legumes until day 45, if you know what I mean?


The thing that really bugs me - I don't even like eating peanuts! ARGH!


Many thanks in advance for any advice!



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Whoot, whoot! Thanks for the advice, Chris. I had nightmares about evil Peanut Lectin Man taking a pickaxe to my gut lining, but apart from that, all seems okay...


Onwards and upwards, pressing on!

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