whole30 and no sleep


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Hi all,


Due to bad insomnia I have had two really bad night's sleep (less than 5 hours a night). 


yesterday i was reaching for caffeine and sugar all day.


Today I am starting my 2nd whole 30, but I had a bad night's sleep last night again. 


Instead of going to buy sugary rubbish, should I try and have more mini meals to help keep energy levels up? Or is there something else that would be recommended?

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Good luck on your second whole30. I have been having awful sleeps also and its simply the worst because it makes you emotional. 
Well done for not reaching for sugary treats to get through it. Perhaps have a bigger lunch. or have an in between snack like some carrots? 

but also, look into why you are having a bad sleep or insomnia.. I know when im anxious I sleep badly. Could it be something you can change? have you tried listening to  a meditation track?

Best of luck. :) 

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thanks :) I meditate most days before I go to bed anyway as I am a bit of a stresshead, this month is incredibly stressful so I think it's just a case of not being able to switch off at all. I am definitely one of those people who needs their 8 hours to be pleasant to deal with!!

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