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I didn't cry on day 31 this time :)


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I just wrapped up my day 60.  I was very frustrated last time because I saw no change in the scale.  However, I saw many positive changes in my binge eating so I decided to stick it out for another 30 days and see if maybe there might be some body change "magic" in the next 30 days.  Well, no magic.  But some changes :)


60 days ago I didn't take measurements but the scale was consistently 143-144.  I ended on day 30 at 142.0.  Today I was 140.6.  However, in the last 30 days at crossfit I have:

- PRed on the power clean by 5lbs at 120 lbs (and I did it 5 times - so I think 125 would have been fair game and that would have been a 10 lb PR)

- done weighted pistols (20 lbs)

- ran 3 miles at 8:10 pace with no "formal" run training

- PRed on the push press at 105 lbs

- almost PRed on a barbell complex at 95 lbs (failed on the 12th movement of 12)


Point being... I know I'm building strength, if not muscle, so I'm fairly confident that any scale movement is fat loss.  


I also took some rather poorly measured measurements for this round.  We used a boot lace and a straight tape measure... Anyway, we retook the measurements this morning.  I have no confidence in specifics but the general trend is probably accurate :)


R bicep 12.5" --> 11.5"

L bicep 12.75" --> 11.75"

Chest 33.125 --> 32

Narrowest part of waist 29.75 --> 28.5"

Pooch :) 35.125 --> 33.75

Hips 36.5 --> 35.5

R Thigh 25.125 --> 23 (I think not...)

L Thigh 25.5 --> 24


My husband did the measuring so there was no cheating :)  My clothes are definitely a bit looser. This rate of fat loss is frustrating slow - especially compared to my husband who lost 18 lbs in less than 2 months.  But... at least I saw *something*.  I can't tell you how much it helps mentally to see some progress.  I don't want to undermine how important the mental changes are but I'm not going to lie that the total lack of any physical changes was really, really hard to deal with.  


So what's next...?  I'm not going to do a reintro.  I have figured out the major culprit in my GI issues - nuts.  I'll continue to leave them out (hopefully - they are so tempting!).  Cheese is going to stay out of the house and will be reserved for on burgers, etc when we go out to eat.  Sugar will come back in a bit - no more skipping recipes for 1 tbsp of honey for 4 servings.  Corn and rice may come back from time to time but not regularly so I don't have much of a interest in figuring out a sensitivity.  Wheat will stay out except for special occasions.  Wine will come back, on occasion - frequency determined by how much it triggers crappy eating.  The big "?" is chocolate.  It is so easy for me to overeat.  I'm not sure I can have just a little every night and I'm afraid a square will turn back into the 100g bar a day habit I had before this W60.  I think with it being summer and all and the access to good fruit I'm going to try to leave it out.  Its just "too" tasty and pleasurable for me.  I'm going to continue to work on eating good meals for breakfast and lunch because it has become so obvious to me how my under-eating during the day was my ticket to dessert-grazing after dinner.   


I learned so much about my eating and my ability to eat in a less disordered way over these last 60 days and I'm so thankful for that!  Thanks for everyone who has offered tips and suggestions along the way!

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Sounds like you have lost a inch of fat all over your body, which to me sounds fantastic! Most people lose the excess water they are retaining due to bloating, etc, not necessarily fat, but I think you have lost fat not water, so that's great. I say well done you! I look forward to the end of my first 30 days, your story has inspired me.

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