Day 5 but I got a question...


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Hi All,


I've got a question, I'm on day 5 and have yet to have any kind of hangover or kill all days. I think starting day 3 I just went straight to sleepified mode. I've been real tired the last couple days. I'm actually really surprised because I was a regular diet soda drinker(3-6 a day) for 15+ years and would even supplement with a red bull before basketball or crossfit. Surprisingly I haven't really craved either yet. I might have taken a long hard stare at the pretty picture of a diet coke on the vending machine this morning that most people would count as long and awkward though. Haha.


I survived Day 2 which including a work wedding shower that was loaded up with cookies, cake, brownies, bread, cheese, etc. That was easy though because I could just go into stubborn mode when people started saying things like, "Now you making feel guily, eat a cookie." or "Come on, you can cheat and have a cookie." or "You just started so it can't hurt right?" That night I went to a baseball game with my brothers who like we normally would do drank beers like it was their job. I sat and tried to enjoy the game but found myself staring at every food creation that came by and noticing I might have been the only person in my section without a beer. Seriously even the 4 year old in front of me found his way to a sip or two of dad's beer. I could actually smell the beer around me. Haha. Day 3 led the wife and I to a concert at a local venue that we love going to. It was the first concert in years I think I attended without having a bite to eat or any kind of drink besides water.


Are there people out there that have gone 5 days without any signs of hangover step or kill all step? I mean I don't want to hit either and would be very happy to skip both but I was curious. My wife is also doing the Whole30 and announced in a really funny email to me this morning that she is definitely in a combo of stage 2 and 3.



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I'm almost finished with my 30 days and I never had any of these moods/phases either but I attribute it to the fact that I already mostly ate this way.  I only gave up white potatoes, dairy and alcohol.  As far as dairy, I only ate cheese and used butter.  I rarely ate grains and when I did it was limited to 1/2 cup.  Also very little sugar or desserts in general. 


I think your moods/phases during a first Whole30 may be related to how much your diet is changed especially if you ingested a lot of sugar previously.

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I have specifically made a point NOT to look at the timeline.  I don't want the power of suggestion to even creep into the equation.  This is MY experience, we are all unique, and I am just enjoying the ride.


I had a slight headache that started the night of Day 1 and lasted pretty much all of Day 2.  Beyond that, I have just felt great.  I didn't even post about my headache here on my log, because my oldest son had a headache at the same time and he is not doing a Whole 30.  {shrug}


Congratulations on getting off the soda and Red Bull.  You really should be quite proud of yourself for all of the obstacles you've made it past so far.  Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the responses Brewer5 and folks. You make a good point about not paying attention to the timeline too much. So far I haven't reacted much like it says. I do like the fact that it kind of gives you an idea of what most go through.


I'm on day 8 now and seem to be cruising. Definitely have seen a slight energy increase or maybe just a lack of tiredness. either way it's a good feeling. I have to admit it was a lot easier than I thought to quit soda/red bull. I really thought I was going to struggle with it but it hasn't been an issue. I think actually having a reason not to drink it (Whole30 challenge) gave me a reason to say no to myself instead of just sticking down the same ol' path.


I do think eating a 85-90% paleo diet(outside of soda of course and a cheat meal here and there) for the last year probably helped give me a leg up. I really don't have any food cravings much besides if I see something yummy but it fades quickly. Food Network had to be dropped from regular watching schedule. That thing is a craving inducing Whole30 wrecker to the core. Haha!


Thanks to everyone posting in the forums also. It really does help to read other people's questions/concerns/triumphants/etc.

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