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  1. @Amy_Michigan ~ Happy New Year! Life happens. A big part of Whole 30 is identifying "triggers" - whether that be a certain food item, going too long without eating, stress, emotions - whatever. This is all part of the process. If you're determined to proceed ~ lady ~ hold your head high, and march on. I wish you all the best, either way.
  2. @Amy_Michigan ~ I hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration of 2021 ~ no matter what time it occurs. There is much to celebrate.
  3. Mama gets her chicken first ... that's what I always say. (No I don't - but perhaps that should be a rule.) Tuna salad sounds good. I like to put frozen blueberries and chopped nuts in mine, too. Might sound weird ~ but it's tasty.
  4. @Amy_Michigan ~ I actually just managed that one day in November ... Lol. But I am glad you appreciate my posts. I also know that (for me) it can be really motivating to know that even one other person in this world actually cares how you are doing with this, and is out there "listening". It's interesting that your first, perfect, by-the-book Whole 30 was in 2014. Maybe we've talked about that before. Mine was also. Clearly there's something about this way of eating ... since we both keep coming back to it, even if we don't manage a full 30 days. I might be around more and tryi
  5. Hello @Amy_Michigan ~ good to see you! I wish you all the best on your 30 day journey. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you need/want the support. And ... hey ... let's toast some virtual sparkling water to welcoming 2021!
  6. Day 1: 11/23/20 Done! And fine. Just had a bad reminder of how badly my body reacts to grass-fed beef when I made meatballs tonight. My heart rate climbed to 131 while standing completely still, before it finally decided to start going back down. I don’t know what it would be like to do a whole 30 and be able to eat all of the things allowed. That’s OK. I will keep figuring it out as usual.
  7. @Jennifer Jensen Thanks for stopping in! I hope your first Whole 30 went well. Love the quote. Hey y'all ~ clearly my "Day 1" back on September 25 was not an actual starting point for a Whole 30. Lol. Nope, I didn't die or drop off the face of the planet. I'm still here. I've been on a wild ride that did not involve Whole 30. Have thought of returning many times, only to then think ... "I'm not sure if that's the right direction for me right now ... because, what happens at the end of 30 days?" Well. I do know what happens at the end of 30 days. I've also said many times
  8. I decided to change my avatar tonight, in honor of Toby. He's the toad who has spent so much time with me this summer. One morning, I came outside to find Toby sitting backwards in the cab of the dump truck. "Do you ever just feel all turned around?" was my immediate thought. I shared it with my friend, and we had a good laugh. But Toby had a plan. He was working toward a goal. You see ~ I had come outside on a previous morning to find him sitting on top of the cab of the dump truck. And I came out on a later morning (after this avatar pic) to find him fully immerse
  9. Thanks @ShadowInTheKitchen ! I just popped in tonight to say it’s definitely just “making a conscious decision” regarding the alcohol. That feeling hits me around supper time ... I need to work on what I can do to avoid that happening, as well as what to do when it hits. My husband & kids are all out of town right now, so I made it through tonight knowing that if anything were to happen with MIL, I needed to be sober. That’s just one day. I need to do more.
  10. Day 1: 9/5/20 -- Starting weight: 116.0 -- I've lost ~15 pounds since mid-April. That's the first time I see that I recorded my weight here. I was doing W30 with weight loss as one of my goals at that point. It hasn't been a goal recently, but it's happening anyway. MIL says the other day: "Have you lost weight since I've been here?" I shrug and say: "Probably." I keep talking to her about her fall ~ we were getting her cleaned up & ready to go to the doctor. A little bit later she says: "You've definitely lost weight since I've been here."
  11. Hmm, had to hit the pause button here for a couple of days. I might get back to a compliant day tomorrow. "This is so awesome, I'm going to eat W30 forever!" ~ yes. Been there, done that, also. MIL fell down in the bathroom this afternoon, getting out of the shower. Came down on the trash can on her left side - and now we are monitoring to make sure it's not a ruptured spleen. Fun times. It's hard for me to really take care of myself when I'm so busy taking care of everyone else. But it always circles back to --> I need to be taking the best care of myself in order to
  12. Day 2 yesterday: 8/28/20 -- The day was fine & compliant. It was our anniversary - married 21 years - and he was out of town for work. Not the first time & won't be the last ... so, no big deal. @MadyVanilla ~ I'm sorry, I haven't been venturing out to explore other people's logs or any other discussions here. Have you not completed a Whole 30 yet? I think getting that full 30 days in at some point, when the time is right can really be a life-changing experience. It was for me, anyway. But I also think that this way of eating is just the best human diet that
  13. Day 1: 8/27/20 -- Starting weight: 116.8 -- Had some wine last night, dumped the rest of the bottle down the drain. When I asked my husband to get me a bottle for the night of camping with my friend last week - he bought two. Super sweet & all, but ... if it's in the house & I'm in just the right/wrong mood ~ chances are, I'll get into it. I'm going ahead and posting this day, early in the day, because I know it will be compliant. I've already decided.
  14. Thanks @MadyVanilla ~ yeah, there really haven't been any times lately when I've felt "out of control". It's just life. I guess I'm really just riding my own bike, and this is what that looks like for me. Lol. I've said here before ~ if I end up with a bunch of "Day 1" posts ... you know, over a year's time or whatever ... that's still THAT many days that I know I wasn't putting junk in the tank. It counts. In my mind, it counts ~ and that's really all that matters. Things are going well with our son so far. There have been a lot of changes that were necessary. This whole "run