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  1. That day 31 feeling of failure....

    "me not seeing results" "I have the tiger blood feeling" "the clearer skin" "the happy feels" "I do feel strong and happy" "the Whole 30 worked so well for me" --- The key to successfully making this a lifestyle change is that you must be following your own rules. Your 30 days are over and you have a choice: Continue forward on the path to wellness, or wander backwards to where you've already been. You know what the road to the past looks like. Do you really want to go there again? Sometimes we have to forge ahead, not knowing EXACTLY what is in store for us ~ or when ~ but we know that *forward* is the only way to go.
  2. moosegirl, you sound pretty stressed. I'm all for keeping it simple. Maybe don't do recipes if it takes too much time and energy? Even using mental energy still uses energy. Lots of it. This is only 30 days and does not have to be consuming all of your thoughts every day. If you have access to meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and raw nuts & seeds -- really, just throw stuff together that sounds good and eat until you are satiated. Do you have some good-quality fats like coconut oil & avocado oil? Salt & pepper, garlic & onion? You can do a lot with the basics and really, that is O.K. I don't know if you are surfing social media and comparing yourself to others or feeling the need to do all of these recipes, but if so, cut yourself a break and just make this your whole 30. There is no one perfect way to do it. You have to do what works for you.
  3. SOS - stomach pain and irregular BM's

    Almonds are on the RED "avoid" column of my trusted FODMAP list. I agree that most nuts & nut butters do no favors for someone with IBS. One ounce of macadamia nuts always seemed to do ok for me -- but keep in mind that build-up of FODMAPs in your system is cumulative, so it really depends on your "total load" of them within a given timeframe.
  4. 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    Wow ~ this is interesting! Long ago, when my husband was seeing the ND, I recall that she had him do various cleanses while lying on his left side. Too bad the lemon juice/maple syrup/cayenne pepper one did him in ~ and he refused to see her anymore.
  5. Gritty teeth or tongue???

    This really flares up for me when I try to drink green tea, also. Green tea + spinach in the same day = build-up on my teeth that I normally do NOT have. It is crazy. "The foods known to cause a high urinary excretion of oxalate are: Spinach, rhubarb, beets (both the root and the greens), nuts and nut butters, chocolate and cocoa, green and black tea, wheat bran (in high amounts), soybeans and foods made from soy, and strawberries. Other foods commonly held to contain high oxalate, such as cola beverages and coffee, do not actually contain much oxalate. Stone formers may consume these beverages in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet."
  6. Day 31 and GAINED weight

    Awesome. I hope you love it!
  7. Have you looked at the common side effects for Metformin? How long ago did you begin taking it?
  8. Dairy = migraine/nausea

    His face gets hot, and he turns red. Very noticeable, and he hates it. ...Now you will have to keep a closer eye on your husband! Report back.
  9. Too picky, too expensive, too much time

    We LOVE our Instant Pot. It was ~by far~ my best Black Friday purchase. I do not really enjoy cooking. There, I said it. But I have been feeding our family of five this way for the most part ~ for over 3 years now. In the beginning, we never (no really, never) went out to eat for a solid 6 months. That was HUGE. And I felt like I spent that entire 6 months in the kitchen. Over time, I realized we are all pretty happy just eating simply. Our food does not have to be entertainment. We used to use our grill outside A LOT ...and year-round, even in the snow. We would cook up a variety of meats to have in the fridge for people to grab. On the top rack, we'd put together a foil packet of ~whatever~ veggies we had, with some coconut oil and ghee, garlic salt... let it roast in there while you're grilling your meat. Always make extra when you've got the grill fired up -- that's the point here. The Instant Pot is a game-changer. I have been buying cuts of meat that I never would have had any idea what the heck to do with before. Now... if it's on sale, we're trying it. You can throw pretty much anything in that dude, with a little bit of chicken stock, dump on a bag or two of frozen veggies and some seasonings... done. Our veggies turn to mush, but no one here cares. It's good. It's quick. And it frees up time for other things we actually love to do. And really ~ what Chris said. The template. Protein+veggie+fat. It doesn't have to be exciting or even very pretty ~ just nourishing to your body, so you can move on with your day. We "hodge podge" things together here, all the time now. No recipe required! I would also add that having only a banana for breakfast ~ while it may seem like a time-saver, is probably not doing anything to help your blood sugar, mood, and stress level for the rest of the day. Really strive for a template breakfast. It really does set the stage for how your entire day goes.
  10. Day 30 and no improvement :(

    Yes. Anything that is food without brakes for you should be eliminated. Nuts often fall into this category. Sorry. I know they are tasty little dudes. Oh, do I know... But they will also undermine your efforts. They will take over and replace other, healthier options. Many, many people have had to ban them completely. The first day or two will be hard, as you scramble to find enough replacement fats, and those cravings call to you. But after those first couple of days ~ you will be SO glad you broke free.
  11. Fat for energy and weight loss

    I think this ^ goes along with what jmcbn is saying. There are zero carbs in coconut oil, and about 17 carbs in an entire avocado. Do you want to post a few days of food ~ so that we can see the entire picture? It could be that just a few tweaks are needed to get you feeling your best consistently.
  12. Fat for energy and weight loss

    I am more inclined to think it is the combination of the starchy veggies and the fat, together. Have you tried a meal without the starchy veggies, but including these fats?
  13. Day 16 So very tired

    I have a friend who has been super into nutrition for 20+ years. She and her husband used to own a gym, they both have competed in bodybuilding competitions around the world (And won. A lot.) They are ALL about not putting junk in their bodies. Fueling with food. She is actually the one who first told me about "Paleo" ~ several years ago. Anyway, she told me of a time she went through long ago, where she was feeling very depressed. She was actually able to link this depression to the Coffeemate creamer she was using in her coffee. There are SO many better choices out there. If you feel really drawn to it... stop and think about why. ...Because it was engineered by jerks who want you to become addicted to it. That's it! "Coffee-mate is not a significant source of nutrients and the list of ingredients may have you opting for taking your coffee black."
  14. There are not specific recommendations regarding starchy carbs and fruit for breastfeeding moms. Whether we are breastfeeding or not, the goal is to be able to listen to our individual bodies and decide what works best for us. The general recommendation here for a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetables daily is just that -- a very general recommendation. From years of people coming to the forums and sharing their stories, the moderators have agreed that most people feel better if they include that as a minimum each day. Sometimes more is better, and it helps people feel more satiated and energetic throughout the day. Sometimes, more is not better at all, and it can make people feel sluggish, tired, brain fog, and hungry. Really, truly, the best we can say is: Experiment. Some of us here feel better with no fruit at all, for various reasons -- and there are no nutrients in fruit that you cannot also find in vegetables. Some people find that it keeps their sugar dragon alive and well. Some people find that having a little bit of fruit at the end of a meal helps keep their dragon from raging, and they are content with that. It really is very individual. It is your own, personal choice. What I do know for sure is that everyone feels best when they follow the template. And what I mean by that is: Protein. Veggie. Fat. protein+veggie+fat protein+veggie+fat What you eat beyond that ~ is really up to you. I will say that snacking on combinations of fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and butters of these is dangerous territory for most people, and will really do nothing good for keeping your blood sugar steady throughout the day. I do not feel that people get the full benefit of a Whole 30 when they do this to themselves. And to answer your final question: When you are nursing a baby, raising four kids 8 and under, and working full time...... and hungry? EAT. Don't over-think this -- and don't be concerned about whatever crap you've learned in the past, re: calories, restriction, etc. This program is about listening to your body, honoring its needs, and nourishing it accordingly. Don't be afraid ~ JUST. EAT.
  15. Day 31 and GAINED weight

    I am so happy for you, to be changing your thinking in this area. I think it will serve you well. It is so freeing to let go of some of those old ideas. I'm here to tell you: It will all be okay. Really. If you start building muscle... man, BETTER than okay. I can't tell you how much lifting has been a benefit in my life. I just spent some time looking through the book for you. Yes, based on the equipment you have, I still think this book would be very beneficial for you to own. There are a few moves you may not be able to do -- but here's the great thing: The back of the book is divided into categories. So, say you cannot do a certain move at home. You look up that move, and find another move in that same category, that more or less works the same muscles. You substitute. No big deal! I do this all the time. I know, you said you don't want to spend much money ~ and that's fine -- you can still do SO MUCH with this book. But I am just going to throw this out there, for future reference. I bought this power rack on Amazon, had it shipped to my house, and put it together myself. It's one of the best investments I have ever made. I am so proud to own it, and I love that thing. Based on everything you've told me you own, this is the only thing I can think of that you may really want, down the road. Brewer's power rack Let me know if you have any more questions! I am happy to help.