On my 6th day

Dee McDonald

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HI everyone! My husband and I are doing the Whole30 together and we are on our 6th day. Its been a strange and sometimes difficult week, but we have made it. I am going shopping to more good foods and gadgets tomorrow, but have found that I have lost my appetite. My husband is starving between meals and eating fruit and I have to make myself eat. I think its because I haven't found a fun way to prepare meals. I was raised on fried meat, taters and bread at every meal. Most veggies growing up were deep fried or covered in cheese so I am really struggling with full meals. Last night we had chicken stuffed with mushrooms and wrapped in bacon...with plain brocolli and califlower...the veggies left little to desire. If anyone has some easy creative ways to add veggies to meals I would greatly apreciate it. Salad without dressing is too bland to eat and I just do not seem to have the ability to make the veggies tasteful. Thanks, Dee

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Here's a simple dressing for salad:  lemon and olive oil (2 parts olive oil to 1 part lemon).  I also found that putting some beets in my salad really makes it yummy!  And a few cashews on top.


You'll probably get used to simpler food with time.  I know I have.  I steam my vegies and put salt and ghee on them.  It helps to have a little sweet potato in the mix.  A little sweetness.  Asparagus is in season now and is delicious with a little ghee on it.  I just steam mine.  I put everything in my steamer pot and cook it all together.  One pot cooking and one pot cleanup - easy breezy!


I have Well Fed2 cookbook and it's very good.  Lots of simple, creative ideas.  It's a fun read too.



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