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Ok, I love love love whole30.


I have had a lot of weeks off training for a 10k due to injury, illness etc etc. 


Last night I decided to go out for a run to see how my body was feeling. 



I ran 10k!!!



I hadn't even run 10k in my training previous to getting unwell.



Feeling on top of the world :) body feels fine today too minus a bit of usual soreness!

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Fantastic! Congratulations!

I was thinking yesterday about the first time I ever ran 10K. I felt super human all day after that. Kind of like Mr Walker - nobody knows he is the Phantom when he walks the streets as a regular man. I may have looked ordinary, but I too had this secret super power.

Enjoy your new super power! :D

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Thankyou  :D


really boosting my confidence for the race, I was almost thinking of dropping out as I hadn't been able to train!

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