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Hi! I'm Theresa, and this is my Whole30.


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Good morning! I'm Whole30-ing from rainy West Africa and super excited to start today after finishing It Stards With Food last night! I'm a bit worried about the variety of whole30 compliant foods over here, but I figure that the best I can do is the best I can do. It's no use worrying about what I can't change.

Breakfast today was sausage, eggs, and coffee (is anyone else dreading limiting their caffeine intake?).

Lunch will be salmon patties, bell pepper strips, broccoli, almonds, and some mustard.

Dinner is still up for grabs, but a ginger stir-fry over .... wait, over nothing, just a double serving of vegetables, sounds delicious right now.

Happy Monday!

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Day 2

Yesterday went well. SO WELL. SO NOT COMPLICATED. I ended up using the last of the vegetables I brought back from a recent home leave to make a chicken curry. It was delicious, and the leftovers are today's lunch.

Remembering Tom's advice about protein today:

Breakfast: coffee + coconut milk, 2 hard boiled eggs, broccoli

Lunch: monster serving of caulifour chicken curry

Dinner: Networking event for work (I'm bringing a vegetable platter and a few liters of sparking water). If the networking event is lite on whole3- friendly food, we'll hit our favorite Lebanese joint on the way home for baba ganoush and roasted chicken. Yum!

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Day 3

I got my days mixed up. Dinner out with a vendor tonight followed by a (n obligatory) networking event tomorrow.

Breakfast: coffee + coconut milk, roasted chicken, carrot and green pepper strips

Lunch: fresh broccoli with salsa, carrots, roasted chicken, almonds

Dinner: grilled fish with sauteed vegetables, fruit for dessert (because there will be dessert)

Happy Hump Day!

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Day 4

Last night out with the vendor was awesome. Delicious fish kebabs (although they may have been seasoned with vegetable oil ...), a salad as a side, and soda water to drink. The crazy thing? It was no big thing to replace "chips" and fried rice with veggies. This is huge where I live, as it is ALWAYS a hassle. Too bad I'm not a member of the country club so that I can keep going there to eat.

Breakfast: coffee w/o coconut milk because my husband bought three different brands at the grocery store. he didn't know what I wanted, and figured better safe than sorry. The last can used cornstarch as a thickener. I know. I know. Black coffee is NOT HARD. But sometimes it is. Also, an omelet and a salad.

Lunch: stir fry at my work cafeteria. Yesterday, they promised that they can quickly sautee the vegetables in oilive oil, then sautee the beef in its own fat. Just salt for seasoning. We'll see if that works or not today.

Dinner: Reception! I finally got my days unmixed. I'm bringing a vegetable platter, and sneaking in almonds in my bag. Just in case. ;)

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Day 5 (of 34)

Last night's reception was a disaster. DISASTER. I grabbed a brownie without even thinking. It wasn't a deliberate choice. I literally forgot that I was avoiding, oh, I don't know, every single ingredient, and scarfed it down. Then, when I realized what I'd done, I shrugged and said, well, if I've already blown it, I've already blown it, and downed plenty of dairy and wheat to make up for it.

Of course I felt like crap on the car ride home, and yep, my digestive system is complaining this morning. I'm not starting the count over, but I'm going to add a few days on the end.


Breakfast: omelet with vegetables

Lunch: double serving of stir fried chicken and veggies, hold the rice, hold the seasoning

Dinner: Roasted chicken with spinach cooked in pan sauce

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