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I started whole30 on the 10th so I'm on day 5.  I had done the fresh diet program for many months and it helped to rebalance my views of portion size, salt content, etc.  However, I felt old ways slipping back and needed something to get me focused again. 


My observations so far...

1) I don't feel hungry very often - don't really think about snacking much. If I do I grab a handful of nuts or a small piece of fruit and it seems to do the trick. I can feel the pull of eating for eating sake (bread at the tables, cookies at work, kids leftover pasta, etc.). 

2) I worked out the last two days. I noticed that I was a bit more exhausted but only from a muscle perspective. I didn't feel the drain/fuzziness as much.  Seemed much more alert overall during my workout.

3) these forums are so helpful in finding substitutes for things - like coconut milk in coffee, ghee, etc.

4) I'm sleeping much more soundly (other than children waking me up)

5) eating out is a little tricky but manageable.  Have to watch salad dressings

6) I was surprised how much soy is in so many products.  I was used to looking for other ingredients but it's amazing when you try and cut it out!

7) my pants seem a bit loose today - I was surprised. 


Meals yesterday/today


Am - still not very hungry in the morning though I believe this will change.  Generally a banana and a hard boiled egg.

Lunch yesterday was cold chicken and a tomato. Today was a jimmy johns lettuce wrap (turkey, bacon, tomato, cucumber, and a pickle)

Dinner yesterday was beef broth soup (homemade) - with carrots, parsnips, kale, and watermelon on the side.


So glad to have so many people sharing different experiences

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Thanks Tom, doing better on that front.  Breakfast is still the tough one but I'm generally doing well. 


Lunches have consisted of things like

- poached eggs, bacon, tomatoes

- salami (good stuff), fruit, eggs, veggies


I find eating out is not too bad if you're at a place that serves breakfast or a salad bar. 


Dinners getting better as well

- Hamburger, sweet potato, apricot, broc/cauliflower, olives

- Sausage, peppers, green beans, nuts

- chicken breast, avocado, olives, fruit


I find I have to work hard to get enough fat in - have found some good nitrate free sausages, links, and have plenty of grass fed beef (farmer friend).


Had my first food dream - pizza. But only after I had saved a few puppies and children from a carnival accident. So apparently I know it will need to be a SPECIAL circumstance.


Overall - clothes are fitting differently, sleeping well still, good energy level. 

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Day 10 - doing this Whole30 with a friend at work (day 9) and we were discussing how we're coming to the realization that we won't be eating some foods ever again. I think the book indicated - why reintroduce? For example,  I've been trying to stop soda/pop for a while (not a big drinker but still wanted to cut it). After 10 days with another 20 ahead I've realized I won't bother with it again.  It's weird to think I won't drink it again.  It doesn't appeal to me taste or thirst anymore (not sure it did to begin with) - but it is associated with so many memories and activities (movies, out with friends, etc.).  I think I would be curious to see how it tastes after not drinking it for so long but I'm probably better off just not having it - too tempting.  I didn't really think I had any food addictions but I'm rethinking that now.  This really makes you stop and evaluate why you eat certain things that are so fundamentally bad (or not worth anything). 


It's really an emotional sadness - one I wasn't anticipating.  the good far outweighs the bad but it's strange nonetheless. 


I'm trying to gradually ease my kids into thinking more about food this way without them thinking it's about body image.  they are 7 and 10 and very healthy but I feel there are things I can impart now that will make these struggles non-existent for them in future years.  We have a lot of phyiscal activiites planned this summer so I'm planning on talking about fueling our bodies with the right energy so we don't get sick and aren't tired. 


As far a personal progress - I managed to increase breakfast finally (where I did feel hungry in the morning).  Added some salami to my eggs and banana.  Also noticing some different digestive changes which seemed normal for this stage.


Well enough random reports for today.  Will check in again soon!  have a dinner at a Chinese rest. coming up soon and have NO idea if I'll eat anything.  Sheesh....

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