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Post-workday and pre-dinner workout... Confused about how to meal plan!

Cassie C

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Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I begin our Whole30 on Friday... I understand the meal planning guidelines as written with pre and post workout "extra meals" but I'm confused about how to translate this into our life... We typically get out of work around 5-5:30, head to the gym around 6 or 6:30, and then go home and cook/eat. With this schedule a pre-workout protein is pretty feasible (and necessary after a long afternoon at work!) but what about afterwards? Can we just eat dinner as we normally would with our protein end veg?


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Your muscles are especially open to feeding on protein for about 20-30 minutes after a workout. If you eat inside that window, you maximize muscle recovery. If you wait 45-60 minutes, the window is closed. Eating good food still helps, but muscle recovery is a little slower. 


I thought this was silly when I first heard about it, but when I tried it, I noticed that my soreness after heavy sessions was less. 


When I was training at a gym, I could eat a can of tuna packed in water immediately after a workout, then drive home, cook, and eat a complete meal no more than an hour later. I was often hungry no more than an hour later. 

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