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well, I'll be. today is day 30!


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I've been gluten free for a little more than a year, and I've always eaten a lot of vegetables and prepare from scratch 95-99 per cent of my food from fresh ingredients, so this wasn't much of a struggle for me.  The things I ate regularly that aren't whole 30 compliant were dairy, legumes, rice, corn, and an occasional single glass of red wine with dinner.  These are the only things I want to test.  I am sticking with my whole 30 fats and I love using ghee instead of butter for cooking since it just doesn't burn. If I introduce sugar at all, it will be in the form of honey or maple syrup and only for cooking. I've learned a lot and I feel really good about this.  I haven't weighed, but my clothes sure are comfortable.


I will be logging my re-introduction.  Stay tuned.



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