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Reintroduction - Alcohol and Pasta (Going to Italia)


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So my girlfriend and I are on day 22 of the Whole30 Program and are trying to plan for our reintroduction. The one thing we have really missed was Alcohol and Cheese so we plan to start our Day 1 of reintro with drinking to celebrate and maybe a non-whole30 compliant meal (such as pizza or cheeseburger or even just sushi)


After reading the forums of reintroduction (especially this one  http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/16329-alcohol-was-probably-a-bad-idea/) we are a bit nervous of having alcohol and especially dairy.


Now our main concern is that once we leave to Italy, which is 10 days after completion of the Whole30 we won't be able to fully enjoy ourselves. We plan to drink a lot of wine and Italian food in Italy, but don't want our bodies to feel miserable from it.


Any advise is much appreciated

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To do a proper, controlled reintroduction, only reintroduce one food group at a time.  If you have alcohol, dairy, gluten and rice all on the same day and feel yucky afterward, you won't know the culprit.

Only reintroduce the items you're genuinely curious about or that you want to eat again.  

Follow the recommended reintroduction schedule of one day for reintro, keeping all else Whole30 compliant, two Whole30 compliant days, and then next reintro food group. Repeat until you are done, and once you reintro a food group, don't have it again until your reintros are done.  For everything but alcohol, have an item from the food group in question at all three meals in one day. On alcohol day, have 1-2 drinks.

In your case, I would test everything you intend to eat in Italy before your trip.  Enjoy your vacation and try not to go overboard on anything that caused you problems.

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