How many do I eat? (egg/meat muffins, Scotch eggs)


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So, I've been going through some of the recipes in NNP and WF(2).


When I make meatballs, it seems pretty easy for me to determine how many to eat based on the size of my hand.


But for egg/meat muffins (or egg/spinach muffins)  and with Scotch eggs,  I still wonder.


I don't trust my body's hunger cuest yet, so does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!



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For egg muffins I usually divide it up based on how many eggs I used and whether there is significant other protein in it. I usually eat 4 eggs for a serving (that is how many I can hold in my not so large hands without dropping them). So if I make a recipe that has 12 eggs in it and no other protein I will have 1/3rd of that recipe as a serving. If it has 12 eggs and some other protein I might make the serving size smaller. Same with meat muffins. I know about how much meat constitutes a serving for me so I divide the recipe up accordingly. 

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