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upcoming trip - with multiple challenges


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In a couple of weeks, I am going on an extended road trip to a family reunion and am trying to figure out how to stay compliant!


My DD and I are driving from Washington DC to Nashville where we are going to spend a couple of nights.  There, we pick up DS and continue on to St Louis where we are staying at a hunting lodge for a family reunion.  While at the family reunion, each "family group" will be preparing the meal one night.  That doesn't help me much as my mom and dad and kids are not on whole30 and my dad has definite ideas about what he wants to cook (not compliant).


I have a smallish car that we will be traveling in, but am taking a cooler.  The closest grocery store to the lodge is about an hour away so quick trip to the store are not an option.  


I am looking at packing meals for myself for about 7 days....  Either that, or for 3 days minimum and shopping on my way from Nashville to IL, and then having to prepare foods when I get to the lodge.


I am thinking that if I get some dry ice for the cooler, I will be able to keep things cold at least until reaching the lodge.


The one plus is that the hotel in Nashville has a mini fridge and microwave for reheating meals.  I know I will be eating out at least one night in Nashville with DS and DD.  Once at the lodge, I will have stove, microwave, and fridge.....  to share with 30+ other people....


Any ideas or suggestions?

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I don't have a ton of great travel advice beyond the cooler article (which is great!), but I live in Nashville - if you need help with grocery stores or anything, let me know! Your son may have you covered, though. Eating Paleo around town is easy; eating Whole30-compliant is definitely more challenging (easy to avoid the big stuff - grains, dairy, legumes - but banned cooking fats and added sugars are always tricky).

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