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Organic Breath Spray


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I work with the public, and I like to have fresh breath.  I can sometimes brush my teeth after lunch, but sometimes I need a more portable option -- before the Whole 30 it was gum.  I found this online -- can anyone tell me if it is compliant?




here are the ingredients:

Purified Water, organic peppermint oil, organic fennel oil, organic thyme oil, organic cinnamon oil, organic clove oil.


Also, I know some mouthwash is whole 30 compliant, but it makes me gag!  I was hoping for something I could just spray on my tongue.

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All the ingredients are okay, so you could use this. You could also just chew some fennel seeds and probably get a similar result for less money. 


Because you spit mouthwash out, you could use any of them and not be in trouble with the Whole30 police. Some of the mouthwash probably soaks in, but if sugar or alcohol soaking in before you spit mouthwash out is your worst problem, you would be doing fine. 

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