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Last day today! Starting again on June 12th


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June 10th-


This is my last day of my 1st whole 30.  I have lost 13 pounds and my headaches disapeared, except during the time I was menstuating.  I will start another one on June 12th, however I NEED to have a piece of pizza and a piece of cake on my birthday June 11th (tomorrow).   


I still go through periods of hating to HAVE to cook every day or a lot of food on Sunday....especially because we usually go away from Fri night to Sun night in the nicer weather.  Then we get home and have to prepare the kids for Monday.  Those are our pizza/pasta nights.  I can handle a salad and hardboiled egg, but my son could not.  He needed more. 


He is frustrated.  So we are tweaking the program for him.  He will stay off gluten and dairy (that way he can have gluten free pasta in a crunch).  He has also lost a lot of muscle mass, so he is NOT happy!  But also a lot of belly fat.  He probably lost 15 or so pounds, maybe more.


Kids are making better choices for snacks so that is great.  I still crave chocolate and pizza.  Ughhhhhhh.  I will do one more whole 30 to try and shed more weight.  Then I will introduce the foods back slowly to see which food it was that gave me these incredible headaches and sick feeling.  Although, I could eat this way 80% of the time and be gluten and dairy free.  I would just love some rice or oatmeal in a pinch.


Oh and sweet potatoes with yellow onions are my life saver!


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A little bit of tough love here - you don't NEED to have pizza and cake, you WANT to have pizza and cake. AND THAT IS OK! You finished your Whole30 and you had great results. I believe you stopped posting in your log...how were you doing on sticking to the template near the end there?


Great options instead of pasta are spiralized vegetables and spaghetti squash. I like to spiralize and saute sweet potato and find it doesn't take any more time than making pasta and is much more nutrient dense. 


For your son you might want to check this out:



Overall I think doing another round and than doing a careful introduction is a great way to go. Focus this round on getting in enough food at every meal because I recall your meals being on the light side from your earlier posts. When I'm not doing a Whole30 I definitely allow myself off plan food from time to time but I base those decisions on the personal research I did after my Whole30 and my continued observations going forward. 

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