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Sauteed Peaches with Cinnamon Coconut Cream

Reading Your Lips

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I just posted this recipe on my blog and wanted to share it with you here as well. Those actively doing the Whole30 will not want to use any sweetener on this. Hope you like it :)

Sauteed Cinnamon Peaches with Coconut Cream

Serves 1

1 Tbsp Coconut Oil ( I prefer the cold pressed, flavorless kindC)

1 Cup Sliced, Ripe Peaches (fresh is best, but frozen is great too)

1/4 tsp Cinnamon

Pinch of Salt

Coconut Cream

Unrefined sugar, honey or stevia (optional)

Put can of full fat coconut milk in fridge so that the cream will harden and rise to top. Best to leave in fridge overnight, but at least 3 hours will work.

Spoon out hardened, white coconut cream from can into a small bowl, save rest of coconut milk for a smoothie. Whisk coconut cream until creamy and looks like whipped cream without the stiff or soft peaks. Put back in fridge and keep cold.

Heat a small skillet on medium high heat. Add the coconut oil to skillet and let get hot. Carefully add the sliced peaches to the hot skillet and let sit for a few minutes before stirring. Add cinnamon and stir every so often, but let the peaches sit for a few minutes in between. When peaches are lightly caramelized, turn off heat and put in a serving bowl. If you need to add some extra sweetness, now is the time to add it (I did not use any in mine and found it perfect for me). Put a dollop of coconut cream on top, then sprinkle on a small amount of cinnamon.

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this sounds amazing. I am having difficulty finding coconut cream, milk, etc in my area. Either I don't know where to look in the store or they aren't carrying what I'm looking for. They do carry coconut milk but as beverage....

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@ddjohns83 I've seen the Thai Kitchen coconut milk at Wal-Mart in the grocery section -- the Asian food section as Steph mentions. So, if you're not finding it at your regular store, and you're near a Wal-Mart, might be worth glancing in there.

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