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Post-workout meal help


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So I was looking at the meal template, and I got a little confused at how I'm suppose to get my post-workout meals in. Ideally, I'm planning on working out in the mornings. It's the best time for me, since my classes on Mondays and Wednesdays are from 9am-5pm. Plus, I want to wake up early in the mornings for habit sake. 


Here's what I have so far: 


6:00am - wake up

6:15am - pre workout: drink black tea w/ coconut milk (+ I'm not a huge fan of HB eggs, so is smoked salmon or nuts okay?)

6:45am - workout (most of my workouts will be centered around yoga and strength (body weight) training. I'm not weightlifting at the moment, but I'll definitely start next semester). 

7:30~7:45am - end workout

7:45 - post work out meal (here's where I'm confused!): should I eat a small POW meal as in some sweet yams and some chicken? I don't want to have a huge POW meal since I want to eat breakfast as well. 

8:15 - eat breakfast??? 


There's where I get screwed up. I have class at 9am, and I'm not far from campus, but should I just replace my POW as my breakfast, or should I opt for a post-workout meal instead? I've read that unless you're doing vigorous training (ie cross fit, mountain climbing, etc.), a post-workout isn't needed. I'm doing strength training (a la: fitness blender on youtube or something like that). I mean, for my fitness level (which is pretty much sedentary for the most part), it is vigorous for me, but it's not super vigorous where my energy levels will be depleted? 

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If I were you, I'd have a tin of tuna or the like straight after your workout, then go and shower and get ready for class, and then have your normal breakfast just before you walk out the door.


Do that for a week or so, so you can see how you're feeling. If you're getting hungry later in the morning, up the protein or fat at your breakfast. If you're getting super tired later in the day, add some sweet potato to your post-wo meal (and leave your breakfast the same). Just play around until you find the right balance.

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