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Day 30 - Just Another Day


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My final day on Whole 30 has come and gone without much fanfare, but I don’t want to undersell its value as a life-changing program; it’s just that my life didn’t need a very dramatic change.  I started it because I was feeling like crap more often than not.  I have a sweet tooth and I’m very fond of alcohol.  But, lately, alcohol doesn’t seem to be too fond of me.  I thought it would be more challenging to give up sugar and drinking, but, no… not so much.

There were a couple of things that resonated with me as I started this program; first, that your body is 80% diet; second, that dietary fat does not necessarily translate to body fat.  So, since I hate to exercise, I decided to throw that sweaty mess right out the window.   Also, I have not held back on the consumption of fat; as a matter of fact, I make it a priority for every meal.  I drink a lot of coconut milk, and always use lots of oil (ghee, coconut, cocoa) whenever I cook anything, and I always have avocados around.  I can eat a whole avocado at once – that’s like 350 calories of pure fat – and when I think of alternative snacks, like a candy bar, or protein bar, the avocado is going to keep me from getting hungry a lot longer than any other 350 calorie snack/meal.

I don’t own a scale, and I have no idea how much I weigh.  My results can be measured by a belt that I’ve have for about 15 years.  It has 6 notches, approximately 1 inch apart, and here’s how they translate to my weight:

·         Notch 1 – Super Skinny, usually brought on by something very stressful in my life (divorce or death)

·         Notch 2 – Skinny, but not crack head skinny

·         Notch 3 – Normal (this is where I’ve been for most of those 15 years)

·         Notch 4 – Let’s call this one “healthy” – I think I’ve been sitting here for the last 18 months, as a result of taking a very stressful job, which I no longer have.

·         Notch 5 – Too fat… time to do something dramatic, like Whole30

·         Notch 6 – I’ve never visited the outer notch!  Please just shoot me if I do.

I started off pushing into Notch 5 territory, now I am sitting comfortably at Notch 3.  Kicking the sugar and alcohol habit was my primary objective during the last 30 days, which I would say has been a success, but it also feels like it was really no big deal.  Before Whole30, I could not possibly imagine going without, so it IS, in fact, a very big deal… but, in this moment, it just feels like this is who I am; someone who doesn’t drink or eat sugar.

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Oh yeah - I sleep like a rock, probably because I have more consistent energy throughout the day, and I put that energy to good use (not working out, of course, but just being productive)


Well, gee, this sounds like a big thing to me. :)  Congratulations! Love that you're using your belt notches as a metric.

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