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Getting period after 4 years not having it?


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I got an IUD shortly after my almost 4 year old was born. One of the common side effects is to not get a period while on it, which I loved! I am on day 17 of my Whole30 and yesterday I started to notice some slight bleeding, it's really minimal. I figure it has to do with the changes in my diet, so I am wondering if this is going to be a continual thing? I've also been more tired than I had been previous days, could that be due to the slight period?

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Your period is triggered by a drop in hormones. As you change your diet, your hormones shift, and as the result of that shifting, many, many women see changes in their cycles and menstruation. Eventually, your hormones settle to where they should be, and cycles tend to level out to where they were within a month or two.

Being on bc overrides some of your hormones, but your body is still making its own.

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