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What should I choose from this restaurant


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I am planning to eat out for the first time since starting Whole30 and I am not sure what to choose. Based on the menu from this restaurant, what are my best options? Breakfast will be out, because we will not be making it there in time.


Their regular Lunch and Dinner Menu

Their Gluten Sensitive menu


I am thinking the Gluten sensitive menu would be my best option, but I am not sure. They possibly use sugar in some of the sauces, so it's so hard to know what would work with Whole30.

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You probably need to call ahead and ask for details about sauces and marinades if possible.


From the gluten free menu, this looks safest: SIMPLY STEAMED, SAUTÉED OR GRILLED FISH Choice of fish prepared how you want, served with steamed vegetables and brown or jasmine rice   -- sub more vegetables or a salad for the rice, and make sure they don't put cheese or butter or any kind of sauce on either the fish or the vegetables. 

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