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First period on Whole 30


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Hi, ladies,

I thought I'd bring this to the forum, because I can't figure it out. 


I'm on Day 22 (I think? It's on my calendar at home and I'm not at home right now) and today is the first full day of my period. I don't know if it was early or late because I don't keep track; I just feel when it's coming-ish, and I'm always right, so I don't bother. 


Anyway, this morning I experienced a full-on nausea that put me on the couch; sweating; hot flash; horrible cramps. It subsided enough for me to leave for work but I still felt lousy. 


I got to work and within 2 hours of my first super tampon of the day, I had bled through. I took some ibuprofen for the cramps (which I don't usually do) because I could not function, but I am concerned with the heavy bleeding. I'm usually what I'd consider average to light in flow.


Any thoughts? Should I be concerned?


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I understand your concern - that's a big change!

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with your hormones regulating?  I know that many of the non-compliant foods, especially dairy, can wreak havoc on hormone levels, so cutting them out will bring about some adjustments.  I'm not a doctor, but if I were you I don't think I'd necessarily be worried or take this as a bad sign.  As long as it's bearable, I'd just see how this and your next cycle goes and follow up from there.


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I am on day 15, and I have a feeling that I'm in for the same deal next week. My last 2 periods have been so light and short, like just over 36 hours even! I am almost looking forward to seeing how this upcoming period goes because hopefully it just means the hormones are getting back on track with all the good food we are eating :) Best of luck!

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I am in a similar boat. My first W30 period is coming. Yesterday I was incredibly b*tchy for not much reason, small agitations. I am curious to see how the next week or so goes. The week before and the first few days of my period are usually the worst for food cravings and crankiness. I just want comfort food and chocolate and snuggle time. Unfortunately my crankiness makes my SO not so willing to snuggle :huh:

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