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My whole60


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Hi Guys, this is not my first time on whole30, Ive two this year but I didnt have a log previously. I decided this time it may help keep me accountable to someone.. anyone.. 

So I have just come back from holidays to turkey with my husband. the holiday was amazing but i ate anything i wanted, totally none paleo.. and its time to get back on. 


In recent months I have analysed my eating a lot, why i eat the way i do and why i turn to "feel good" foods.. My first whole30 was hard, extremely! I dont eat so much unhealthy food such as pizza etc but i rely a lot of sugar.. a lot! 
My second whole30 was out of necessity and desperation really, after a honeymoon and lots of eating i decided i needed to go clean to help me lose the extra 2 kgs i gained. but at that point i was fed up with up and down eating, so i continued past 30 days and made it to 47 i think, and when i ate something non compliant it was last minute thought, like oh well, who cares.. ive been up and down since then. I have a lot of issues with binge eating, and emotional eating. 

I am determined to work on why i use food when im emotional or stressed or bored, and to break bad habits which means no snacking after dinner, even if its on fruit. 

Anyways, today is Day2 and my sugar withdrawal headache started last night.. its terrible. but i am trying to push past it. 

Day one log: 

Breaky: 3 eggs cooked with ghee and small slice of avo about thumb size , and banana

Lunch: home made guca with roasted chicken, two pieces. 

Snack before crossfit: half banana
snack after crossfit: Half banana

dinner: Zucchini pasta with puree tomato sauce, eggplant and capsicum 

Day 2: 

breaky: 3 eggs cooked with ghee plus spinach, and half roasted tomato and thumb size slice avo and banana ( I worked out that my breakfast on day one wasnt enough) 

lunch: Lunch: home made guca with roasted chicken, two pieces. 


Dinner: half potato, a whole winter squash and one zucchini and two tomatos roasted with ghee and salt and pepper and two pieces of chicken. 

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You are doing good with protein and fat, but some meals seem to be missing veggies entirely. And I did not notice any starchy veggies. When you are active you need the carbs from starchy veggies like potatoes, rutabagas, parsnips, beets, plantains, etc., especially on days when you exercise. Starchy veggies also help many people feel better and have more energy even if they are not especially active. 

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Thanks so much for the feedback Tom, i am actually feeling pretty hungry today. I will up my veggies intake. 

I havent been able to find sweet potato anywhere though, seriously, nowhere near me. I live in Jordan for work and maybe its not in season.. anyways, i guess im worried about eating normal potatoes. i know they are part of whole30 now but stil worry about weight gain.. i also bought squash today (first time trying it as we dont really have it available in australia) so thinking of roasting veggies and having with my meal tomorrow. 

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day three: 


Breaky: Eggs (3) cooked with Ghee, spinach and tomato and thumb size avo


lunch: two pieces of chicken with left over veggies and homemade guco. 


snack after xfit: banana



I was super anxious since i was going out with a big group of people to a buffet dinner, I ended up having two pieces of fish baked with lemon, salad, roasted veggies (capsicum, tomato, eggplant and cauliflower) plus 5 strawberries and handful of cherries 

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