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Food for hiking trip

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hey all, 


I need some ideas of what food to take on a hiking trip.. i have just started a whole60 (day 3 today) and nervous about this since i dont wanna slip up. 

i am thinking carrots and cucumber.. banana, sweet potato or potato roasted with other veggies.. 
boiled eggs.... ?


issue is i need something with protein that wont go off in the heat, and last over night. I live in Jordan currently and its 38+ in the dessert. 




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so I should have mentioned in my initial post that I cant eat red meat (beef, lamp etc) because i am intolerant to it. IThis was the issue since i was a child, as an adult i tested it to see if i am no longer intolerant and i got sick, badly. SO cant eat sausages. My body can handle bacon/pork in very small amounts, but im currently living in the Middle east so no pork in sight.. :( 


as for tuna, I have searched everywhere for tuna in water.. and cant find it. the stuff they have here is tuna in sunflower oil (no go) or brine.. im not sure what brine is so i avoided buying it. 

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