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Too much fat?


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Am I eating too much fat at breakfast?


Typical breakfast is:


Frittata slice

-3 eggs

-2 ounces ground chicken breast

-spinach or zucchini

with 1 tsp on ghee melted on top


Bulletproof coffee

-1 tsp of ghee

-1 tablespoon coconut milk



-strawberries or blueberries

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The fat suggestions on the template are minimums so never really too much fat. How do you feel after you eat a meal like that? Do you feel satisfied and full but not stuffed? Are you able to eat another meal in 4-6 hours just feeling hungry a little before you eat? If the answer to both those questions is yes then you are fine. 


If you feel stuffed and not ready to eat again in 6 hours you might want to scale back a bit. If you don't feel satisfied and can't make it 4 hours then you probably need more food though I would add more veggies over anything else if that is the case.

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