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My first whole 30


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I'm on day 10 of my first whole 30. It's going well. I've been tired, but that's only partly die to food. I'm tandem nursing my 2.5 yr old (only 3 times a day for him) and my 3.5 month old all. The. Time. Anyway my sleep is sporadic at best. For meals I've been mostly stir frying veg and grass fed ground beef in coconut oil. I love summer so it's been sweet potato about 1/2, yellow summer squash, onion, garlic, green beans, kale, peppers, often I add 1/2-whole avocado and some small tomatoes....I'm bored of this but it's yummy filling and requires no creative energy. I'm worried about camping next week. Maybe I can pre chop everything? Ideas welcome. I've been eating at least one apple a day and berries from the farmers market..... I'm a sugar addict off sugars other than fruit since February ... I'm guessing that much fruit is too much but excusing it bc of the breast feeding. What is a meal template and where do I find it? I'm thinking I might branch out and make pumpkin coconut curry soup tonight.

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