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My AIP Whole30


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I'm literally starting this log right now because I already started wavering in my head about doing this Whole30 AIP, but I know that I need to do this. If for nothing else, to no longer question whether or not the foods removed in the AIP are truly affecting me.  


I've done several Whole30s, and attempted AIP a couple times, but I never make it long before I let the nightshade beast (because that craving needs a name) dump a bunch of spices into my meat and veggies. I'm going to be strong this time - it is just 30 days, right? - and do what I feel has to be done.


My hopes in addition to what I tend to already see for this Whole30 are:

- to see my acne totally clear up.

- to see the inflammation I still experience in my knees and sometimes hip go completely away

- for my already improving PMS symptoms (thanks pregnancy) to chill out even more

- to recover better from workouts 

- and to lose some stubborn fat


My goals this time around are:

- First, and foremost, remain 100% AIP, and then properly reintroduce nightshades, nuts, and seeds (eggs are pretty much out for me due to an allergy) after the 30 days

- Make time to prep once a week (I also have to prep for the regular Whole30 my kids and husband are on)

- Log here what I eat for more accountability!

- Make family dinner a priority every night of the week


Here's to a successful AIP Whole30! Time to make a family breakfast!

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Oh yeah, in my garden there are six tomato plants, 3 eggplants, and seven pepper plants. And, I just got done making a batch of ketchup from the tomatoes for my family. I'm hoping that by still being able to cook these foods, I won't miss them as much when I don't eat them. Or, I'm going to tell myself that.  ;)

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Arrrggghhhh! (That's a word, right?) I already blew it on day 1 and have to start over! Dang it. Over the dumbest thing, too. I got super excited that 1) I got to go on a super long bike ride today without kids and 2) I found an AIP compliant bar thing at the gas station, that I somehow managed to forget honey is not Whole30. So, the power bar thing had honey in it, which is o.k. for AIP but not o.k. for Whole30. Since this is day 1 and not day 25, I'm going to start it over for this technicality. Mostly, because I should have paid more attention to what I was doing and just feel silly for it!


Well, I'll just stash that interesting find away in my memory for when I'm not on a Whole30.


Otherwise, despite totally forgetting my food for my distance ride and thus eating this power bar with honey in it, I did pretty awesome. Next time I will not forget my riding food on the back steps! Oh well, Day 0 completed, day 1 will happen tomorrow.

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