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Starting my life transformation in three days!! / checking in


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Hi all,

After much research and a glowing recommendation to the whole9life.com family, the wife and I have decided to start the whole 30 program on Wedenesday! A little background: in February of 2011 we decided to get up off the couch and make a change. We started with a 30 day vegan cleanse (featured on Oprah which, on top of the usual vegan diet, also eliminated alcohol, caffeine and sugar). It was hard for me to say the least, who was wholly addicted to cheese :)

After an excruciating caffeine withdrawal and a whole new insight into our diets, the cleanse was over. We both dropped weight and starting feeling better on a daily basis. We kept a few components from the cleanse and started out on shaping a realistic everyday diet. Fast-forward to August of 2012, I am officially down 130 lbs and my wife (Erin) is down about 50!!

We were in a local organic shop and started talking to the owner about nutrition and eating to live, not eating to eat. We did our research and found whole9life.com. We realized that even on a 80% vegan diet we were still mainly eating all overly processed junk, and un-natural foods. It's time for a reset, so starting in three days we will be beginning the whole30 program!

We are going out to Whole Foods (in Cherry Hill NJ) this Tuesday and starting our first Paleo shopping trip. I am expecting to buy a lot of:

- chicken breast (both whole and boneless skinless)

- steak

- fresh fish

- eggs

- veggies (spinach, carrots, broccoli, onions, collie flower, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers)

- fruit

- bottled water

- nuts (still not certain which to buy and which to avoid)

Does this list sound about right? Im still a little unclear on some certain foods items, and a little apprehensive of the next 30 days. But I'm hoping with the support of this forum we will be successful and come out feeling great on the other side. Thank you for reading this, entirely too long of a forum post, and I hope to get some positive feedback/advice from this wonderful community.

The Bongos

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