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Fourth time's the charm? (Started 8/3)


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I'm sad to say that this is my fourth time attempting the Whole30. Each of the previous times I quickly caved on the third or second days due to stress or simply not being prepared and not knowing what to eat. I really related to Melissa's story of struggling with food and weight; over the past year I've lost 35lbs with Weight Watchers (my lowest weight was 117 at 5'7" -- not healthy at all!) and gained back every pound in two months since coming home from college. When I weighed on before Day 1, I was at 156.4. My relationship with food is totally messed up to say the least, but I'm hoping that the Whole30 will help me get to a better place. 


I'm currently on day 5 and I'm proud to have made it farther than I've had before. I know I have a long way to go, but hopefully I'll be able to stay strong and just enjoy good food! I'm starting this log a little late, but I'll just post yesterday's meals first. 


Day 4


M1: Scrambled eggs with leftover shredded roast, kale, and broccoli, cooked in coconut oil

M2: Homemade chicken patty with mushrooms and kale, snap peas, and cashews

M3: Leftover chicken patty with broccoli, butternut squash, and half of an avocado


I would love to hear any suggestions or just words of support. Anything would be much appreciated! Good luck to everyone! Let's do this!

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Mdln, you are awesome!  


I was successful once doing a whole30 (but when I think back, I'm not sure that's completely true - i just stuck with it for a little more than 30 days but had some no-nos in there).  SInce then I have tried so many times - I can't even count how many, and usually don't even make it a full week!  


Anyway, what I'm trying to say is we've got this!  High five, sister!

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Welcome back to w30!


Your meals look good - but hard to judge the size.  About the best advice that I can give to you is to make a copy of the template and post it in your kitchen so you can see it when you are prepping your meals.  


Remember when you have eggs, a serving is what you can hold in your hand - for most that is 3-4 eggs. 


Good luck on your journey!

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