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SteFYI, I'm on to (off of) you, sugar!


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Ok, so I am going to try this log thing for my whole 30.  I've never done anything like this before but reading others' logs was helpful and inspiring to me... as well as seemed helpful to the loggers. Woo!


I'm currently on Day 3, and an hour after waking up (a little late) I feel alright, and not too sluggish - unlike yesterday when I had the worst headache ever.  


I spent like 4 hours or more cooking and preparing food for the week, which is also something totally new and it's made me really excited for the week! I also think it provides an extra level of commitment, since I spent all that time - if I give up what was that for?!



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OK, so I'm going to try to log what I've eaten daily!  I have no idea how consistent I'll be with it - but I'll do my best!  My first two days I had not really prepared that well, and just kinda ate whatever I could get my hands on that complied.  Today, I've paid better attention!


Breakfast: Some Crockpot pork, sweet potatoes, and 1/2 an avocado. 1 cup black coffee. 2 cups coffee with coconut milk.  (Is this terrible?  I kind of drink a lot of coffee.  I have really small cups though?)


Lunch:  Chocolate chili on top of butternut squash with a little bit of coconut milk.  (I was going to make a salad but I felt super hungry so I went with heavier)


seltzer water with apple cider vinegar


Dinner:  Pad Thai recipe from the clothes make the girl blog.  I think I messed something up because I am so so so full... so full.  Maybe I'm just terrible at splitting things in half and I'll be disappointed with the portion size of my lunch tomorrow.



Now!  Hopefully, I won't get a late evening snack attack!  

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Welcome to w30!!!!


OK - so the coffee - I really can't say a whole lot about it, since I am not a coffee drinker, but I have noticed that many people who seems to drink a lot of coffee in the beginning of their w30 tend to naturally cut back on it by the end of their w30.  


Your meals look great!  Follow the template and enjoy eating good portions!

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Thanks!!!  This is my first time keeping a log and I will say ahead of time, my second successful whole30. :)


I tossed and turned and was uncomfortable last night and woke up achey. I also had the weirdest dream involving a can of tahini chasing an olive. *shoulder shrug*


I'm ready to take on the day though! Today is my first long shift at work while Whole30ing, so I'll definitely see how it goes!  There's usually a ton of temptation there, so i'm going to pack a bunch.  I'm kind of worried about work, actually... mostly because of my mood and I work with people closely all day helping teach people how to fix their bikes and it requires a lot of patience and I feel like I have .01 amount of that... maybe less.  AH!


Morning (7:30): Left over pork, sweet potatoes and kale cooked in coconut oil


I am on my 3rd cup of coffee now (10am).  I usually drink 1/2- a whole french press worth.  I may have to cut down if I don't start sleeping better.  BUT!  The amount that I drink is actually probably the same as one large coffee from a shop, so... 


I also packed the left of pad thai and a very small thing of almond butter/sunbutter mixture and a banana, just in case I lose it.  People usually bring things in to the shop and also there is SODA (and I don't even like Coke but their new advertising campaign is aimed right at me - and I totally want to "share a coke with my soulmate"), so that reminds me I will bring a seltzer water, too!  


I'm feeling quite manic now, and rambly, so... sorry!


Work was great, but I did have a little crash at around 5:30, but was prepared! 


Lunch: (around 1ish) Left over pad thai with an added avocado. Coconut water.


Snack: (5:30) banana and tablespoon of almond/sunflower seed butter mixture. (I know not the best choice... next long work day, I'll bring something less sweet as an emergency snack.


Dinner: (9:30 - i know laaate!) green beans sauteed in coconut oil, chili, and a salad of kale, half a red pepper, basil, half an avocado, jicama, snap peas - topped with moroccan dipping sauce (from theclothesmakethegirl blog).


I'm tired!

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Oh, so i forgot to mention that I rode my bike for the first time since injuring my leg 2 weeks ago and I can really feel the difference in my stamina.  I can tell my body is already so much more efficient!  Also, at work I felt like I had super powers and was much better at staying focused and explaining things in a manner that folks could understand and follow!  Woo!


I was however not able to go to sleep until 1am, which I blame on the late dinner, probably.  It may be a good idea to pack lunch and dinner (since I work 11-6:30) and it takes me a while after I get home before I wanna do anything!


Morning (7:30): pork roast, sweet potatoes, avocado, cantaloupe.  black coffee.


(I have a LOT of fruit that I bought before deciding to actually do this whole30 in a more mindful way, and I haven't been eating it , but I kind of need to or it's going to go bad - and I am VERY low income, so I don't want to throw it away.  I'm worried that if I eat a bunch of fruit it will negate my efforts. 

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OK, so as stated above, Morning (7:30): pork roast, sweet potatoes, avocado, cantaloupe.  black coffee.

-more coffee with coconut milk


Lunch: Tuna salad (made with homemade olive oil mayo!) on top of salad of kale, tomato, jicama, and snap peas.  I added a little extra olive oil


Snack:  Zucchini Ginger soup (made with beef broth, zucchini, onion, spices) - I made the soup and then a friend stopped by and I didn't end up actually finishing making dinner until 2 hours later, but I had the small bowl of soup then because I was hungry and it was delicious and I was super proud of myself for making something that tasted so good)


Dinner: more Zucchini Ginger soup, 2 applegate grass-fed hot dogs with chili on top.


I want to say that though those dogs are totally compliant according to their list of ingredients I started feeling weird halfway through eating them - like MSG weird.  I hate to waste really expensive food like that but... :(

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Morning: 4 eggs, sweet potatoes (cooked in coconut oil), 1/2 avocado.  black coffee and another cup with coconut milk.


I've been feeling really antsy and since I have an injured ankle I can't do any running (which I don't like anyway), and even riding my bike bothers it (mostly when I put my foot down at stops), I decided to start the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge (in 30 days).  I did 500 today. What-What!!


Afternoon: Shredded pork, broccoli and a banana with a TBSP of almond butter.


I have an internet date tonight and I'm pretty nervous about the temptation to drink some boozy things. I'll stick with seltzer water with lime - thought I'm totally aware that my reasons for wanting an adult beverage in these type of situations have nothing to do with actual flavor.  *looks at self sternly in the mirror*


Dinner: Hot dog and zucchini ginger soup.  (It was really late, like at least 11 - because date ran pretty late and I considered skipping dinner altogether, but decided it was better for me to eat things - though I slept terribly)

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Thanks, Derval!  I'm starting with a 20lb KB, because that's all I have - but I'm planning on trading something in at the sports exchange so that I can "buy" a 35 lber.  Woo!  My butt is sore!


Date went pretty well, but guy was super into me and we had just met, which weirded me out a little.


Morning (8am): 2 eggs, shredded pork, kale. - sauteed in coconut oil


Lunch (4pm): I made impromptu curry - 2 chicken thighs, onions, broccoli, green beans in coconut milk with a ton of curry powder. (I didn't get to eat lunch until so late, because: life  - next Monday I'll take a lunch in case late timez happen)


Meh, I'm really sad about Robin Williams, so I didn't do KB swings.  This may be an excuse, but I don't care.   :(

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So, last night I skipped dinner.  I know it's not recommended, but I really was so exhausted from not sleeping well the past few days and just wanted to sleeeeeep - which I did - and had a dream about eating a cheeseburger and french fries - which isn't all that common for me and I looked at it and had a freak out moment - I remember thinking Oh, wait, white potatoes are ok now... phew... and no BUT THESE ARE FRENCH FRIES, and THERE'S A BUN ON MY BURGER!  I thought I was going to have to start over.  I didn't have dreams like this the first time I did the Whole30.  It's pretty entertaining.


Morning (8am): Pork, sweet potatoes, 2 eggs, half avocado. cup o' joe with coconut milk.


WHAT'S UP! I just took almost 10 full minutes off my 500 swings  time today.  This is likely because I downloaded a stopwatch app.  Feels GREAT!


Afternoon(1pm): Chili, kale, avocado


Evening (6pm): Shredded pork and broccoli (I was at work and had to pack something quick)

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Day 9 and I feel like I don't know why I couldn't stay away from all that junk "food" for the past year.  I think I remember feeling that way with my first Whole 30 - swearing to never go back to the S.A.D. diet.  I'll take note of this for later.  


There is a huge difference between this and the Whole30 I did 2 years ago.  Last time, I allowed my partner to make "exceptions" for me, and if he "cheated", I took that as permission to cheat myself.  He would use things like sriracha and other stuff that seemed ok, but the ingredients told a different story, and then gave me flack for saying I didn't want to eat them - so eventually I caved. 


Doing this on my own feels so empowering!


Morning: 4 eggs, avocado, sweet potatoes.  Eggs cooked in coconut oil.  coffee with coconut milk.


Afternoon: Shredded pork, and half avocado, half an apple, half a cucumber, and half a red pepper chopped and mixed together in olive oil and lime juice and lightly salted.


Snack: banana - I was feeling really light headed and weird and so I thought this might help.


Dinner:  Tuna salad using homemade mayo, on top of  half an apple, half a cucumber, and half a red pepper chopped and mixed together in olive oil and lime juice  (i had chopped up a whole of each thing and split them up when I made lunch)


I was feeling really lightheaded and weird - kind of feverish - like I was floating.  I had to call into work, and cancel a date. :(

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Day 10


I still feel really weird - light headed and out of it.


Morning: Chicken breast and green beans cooked in coconut oil with some sunbutter/coconut aminos and coconut milk.  a cup of cantaloupe.  Tulsi green tea. 

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I hope you start to feel better soon.  I have not felt great but I figure that is, in part, the point in the short term.  I liked your observations about doing this on your own.  My husband is supportive but I KNOW that if he said he would 'do it too' he wouldn't.  He is way too in love with his Sugar Dragon.  


I have to start work for real on Monday (I am a teacher) and I am not looking forward to it.  Today we had admin meetings with some staff and all day I was offered cake, brownies, croissants, scones.....more cake!   ARHGHT!   It didn't kill me to say 'no thanks' but it did get a little boring after a while and I ended up eating lunch on my own.  Three people told me I looked great including one person who saw me three weeks ago and thinks I have lost weight.  I have hidden the scales so I don't know but I do know that I am starting to feel a bit better. 


How is the internet dating going?  My husband and I met online in 2005 when I was living in Germany and he in Canada.  We had our first date in Barcelona :)

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