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Help - travel lunch


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I will be on the road all day tomorrow - 2.5 hours to my client's house, 2-3 hours there, 2.5 hours driving home. I need help coming up with a lunch I can take. There aren't any real restaurants in the area (they live in a very rural area), and the restaurants they do have are of the BBQ/Sandwiches variety. So, I'm going to have to bring something.


Help? What can I bring that will be ok to sit in a car for a few hours, and not kill me when I eat it?

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I live great distances inbetween everything.   I'm talking about a 500 mile round trip to the nearest fast food strip that every town has.


Pack your cooler with ice packs and take hard boiled eggs, tuna and salmon packs, plain ice teas, water, vegetables and fruit.   You can eat those waterless tuna packs driving down the road on a straight stretch, eggs, too.   Heck-a-toot, if you have a nice grocery store, they have hard boiled eggs already made up in the deli part of the store... if you don't have time before you go.


I love making enormous amounts of grilled vegetables with good fats.  I always make extra for the next day because I like to eat them cold with a little char.   I take those on the road, too.   Make individual zippies and put them on the console.

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You can take anything with you for this much time, I assure it won't kill you.  :)


It's really not difficult.


Will you be able to reheat your food? - Then you can totally take any dish you've prepared, in one or several tupperwares.


If not, you can put your dish, in bite-size chunks, in a food thermos. My kids take that to school everyday.


Or, take something cold. Some salad with bits of meat or sardines, for instance. Yes, the lettuce will soften, so what, it's more digestible this way.  :P


Don't forget to take a fork.  ;)  And don't forget that any meal should have some fat, about the volume of your whole thumb.


Make it a good, normal portion, what would fit in your plate at the table. Multiply by the number of meals. Two, I guess.


Add some easy-to-grab fruit, maybe some nuts, a bottle or two of water. You're good to go!  :)

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