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Multivitamin, Omega 3 & Magnesium Supplements

Pedro Pinto

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Hello everyone,


Like the thread's title says, I would like to know if those supplements are OK in Whole30.

The first reaction you might get is "What? It is to eat clean, so, supplements are absolutely out". Actually, I kind of understand that reaction.


I'm just asking this because I've watched a video where Melissa talked about Magnesium supplements and its relationship with stress.





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You can take these supplements as long as they do not contain off-plan ingredients. Multi-vitamins without corn starch, soy, or other odd things can be hard to find. 


The Whole9 view is that fish oil should be a temporary measure as you improve your diet, not a long-term solution to poor eating habits. 


I take Natural Calm every night even though I probably get plenty of magnesium in my diet. I like the sedating effect of the magnesium at bed time.


Here are some sites with more information:

My go-to site for supplement info: http://examine.com/
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Thanks for the response Tom. I actually feel magnesium deficiency, judging for my stress levels and also some unjustified muscle pain. Unfortunately, in Portugal I don't even know Natural Calm, however, I'll try to grab the better ones and I'll then ask your opinion about it.

I'll also start Vitamin D supplementation, and I'll increase water consumption.

Thanks for your answers.

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