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Hello Everyone! Veteran to Whole 30, but didn't know it.


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Hi  :)


I just discovered and read the book whole 30.  However, I have been eating this diet for almost two years, after a long struggle to find out why I was always sick with every virus that breezed by me, weird itchy rashes, and with chronic debilitating migraines twice a week.  I went to every type of Western doctor you could imagine, had huge blood panels run, and was even tested for lukemia, before I stumbled upon an acupuncturist naturopath that knew right away what my symptoms pointed to...food intolerances!  Fast forward to today, and I have my life back 100% with less that two migraines A YEAR!  I just never had a name for the eating plan she gave me.  I thought I was all alone.  Finding this group feels like I was rescued from a desert island.   :D I am NOT alone!  Yay!

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