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Hello, my partner and I first did the whole30 a year and a half ago and it really did change our lives.  My partner has ulcerative colitis and had to take several tablets every day, often experiencing debilitating pain when it would flare up. After doing the whole30, he is not taken a single tablet since and has not had a flare up - success!  We have maintained about 80% of the whole30 permanently - our mon-fri meal plans are pretty much strictly whole30 but we allow ourselves a meal or two out on the weekends where we relax our rules a little.  We've been really happy with this arrangement, although in recent months we found that treats were sneaking our way into our meals a little too often.  To reset things we are now doing our second whole30 for the month of August.  All going very well, it is a lot easier than the first time as we really aren't modifying too much of our diet, and instead of a meal out once a week, we are cooking some lovely meals at home thanks to all the wonderful inspirational meals on these forums.


The only downside to whole30 and this lifestyle is weight loss, and this is more of an issue for my partner than it is for me!  My partner is already a very slim person and we run 3-4 times a week and are very active.  Just 2.5 weeks into the whole30 and my partner has already lost almost 4 kilos, now weighing 60kg!  For a male of his height, that is underweight.  I can see his clothes hanging off him.  He obviously does not want to, and really cannot afford to, lose any weight.  Are there any tips for not losing weight on whole30?  


Thank you for any suggestions or advice.

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Could you post 2-3 days' worth of his meals (and yours too) for some specific feedback?


In general, he should probably be eating more full meals per day, up to six, and you folks might check out the forum for athletes and read up on pre- and post-workout meals, what to eat before/during/after long runs, etc.


In general, eat more.  Lots more.  And congrats to you both on your improved health! :wub:

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