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(Ir)Regular Cycle


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hello hello,

I was a stumbler onto MDA during Christmas 2010 and slowly made my way to whole9 through that awesome archive of Urban Gets Deisel.

I have -not- gotten through an entire Whole30 (but today is Day 3 after a previous Day 19 -- just couldn't refuse the birthday cake my mom baked me; weak/sentimental) but was wondering how following it affects one's cycles.

I did not have a regular cycle until I started primal eating, moving to paleo after a bit. Then, voi la, I started working like I was told I was supposed to work which was great because I'd really love to follow the Creighton Method once I marry my fiance (one month one day woo hoo!) That's easier today with a good repetative sampling.

However, my period is about a week and a half late now. I took the pregnancy test--no bun in the oven. (Shouldn't be because haven't done the dirty, but doctors for some reason believe in virgin births/honestly believe I would lie when I really just want my body to work properly.)

The only difference is that I've strived to be -super- clean (except for that birthday cake) and, I think, succeeded. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know why this is happening?

Perhaps something else that might be relevent is I am a wee bit stressed; I don't care for big gatherings and am dreading the wedding (not the -marriage-, just the wedding.) Does stress affect regularity?

Thank you!

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I can speak from personal experience on this! When I'm stressed either from life or over-training. I will miss my period. When your body feels overly stressed for a length of time it will shut down all unnecessary functions. Almost like survivial mode. So your body does not consider the ability to reproduce an essential function when its trying to survive.

How are your energy levels? appetite?

My advice...try to relax as best you can! I know its hard with planning a wedding, espcially when you are so close :) (eeek!)

Keep the diet as clean as possible. Add in some extra starchy carbs and berries. GET AS MUCH SLEEP AS POSSIBLE. Can't recommend sleep enough.

Let us know how it goes!

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Hello Megan and Sarah!

Thank you so so much for your advice and your insight. I appreciate it so much! I was definitely concerned (more stress oh no!) that I was back to my unpredictable body, but it is really comforting to know that stress is the monster here.

I will definitely do my best to stay as stress-free as possible, especially with those things I can control: food, sleep, working out...things that are good for my body. And I'll keep this wisdom close by: "worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength."

Also I'll definitely check out that book! My library has it :)

All best,


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Stress absolutely affects regularity. It can delay ovulation, which must be what's going on with you. A great book on fertility is Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wechsler.

I HIGHLY recommend this book, too! I discovered how irregular my cycles were after going off hormonal birth control and stumbled across this book. I've been temping every day for a few years now and have a really good idea of when to expect my period now. It also helps me understand if my hormone levels are more balanced based on more/less irregular cycles and shorter/longer luteal phases. Hope it can give you some insight as well!

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