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Glove compartment "stable" Pre/post-work out emergency options?


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Ok so last night I planned and packed all of my food b/c I had an early morning workout and had to rush super quick to make it to a series of morning meetings at work.   Beautiful roasted sweet potatoes and hard boiled egg whites for post work out,  and good easy hot plates for M1 and M2.   Unfortunately this morning I didn't put that good food bag in the car!    


I struck out on finding  something compliant at the quick stop on the way to work---seriously if I wanted to stay  Whole30  AND avoid fat post work out.....  black coffee was my only choice! Even the tuna had soy!  So I ended up with black coffee and the pistachios I had in my glove compartment and managed to grab 3 hard boiled eggs from the cafe at work about 2 hours later...  not my finest moment on this Whole30 journey.


So what kind of basic emergency stash can I keep in my glove compartment, and at my desk at work to throw together for a back up pre/post work out meal??


For pre work out fat -----nuts are already in the glove compartment and at work.


For post work out starchy carbs ---  I saw baby food sweet potatoes as a suggestion from Melissa on another string,  so they on my shopping list for the first time in 16 years!         


But what about the protein?  I guess the basic is a can of tuna, but I would love other ideas b/c canned meat of any kind is not appealing to me right before or after a work out.   



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Thanks all!  


 I have a selection of nick sticks soon to arrive in the mail from Barefoot Provisions (I also an Epic Bars out of curiosity, but I will try that as part of a meal instead).      I also have purchased a few tins of sardines but I am going to have to try them before I use them as a  stash-  I have never eaten sardines and I am not so sure I can handle fish right after a work out.   Actually,  I am finding it hard to even eat chicken or other meat after a hard work out so the jerky alternative might end up being my standard instead of the glove compartment backup. 


Does anyone use a protein shake when you are not Whole 30? I think this might be easier for me instead of solid protein.   


I did get some baby food -  Gerber Organic Sweet Potato, Pumpkin and Squash.   I tried it and it is not bad!   It is easy to easier for me to eat right after a work out vs. solid sweet potatoes so this might be a go to for me.     

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This is a real problem for me too - I live in the Middle East, and leaving food in the car for after a long run is not always a good idea when the temperature is high. I have a local butchers who make a range of excellent beef jerky, including one "plain" with no soy or sugar. I usually stock up on it when they have it ready, and have a little pot of that in the car for after workouts, sometimes with leftover veggies from the night before, or a handful of sugarsnap peas etc. When I'm out of jerky, I usually take a hb egg for immediately post long run, and always keep a little bag of mixed nuts (& sometimes fresh dates) for emergencies. I've actually found that initally I couldn't face eating meat/eggs immediately after a hard session, but now that my body has seemed to realise that it needs it, it goes down very easily! My recovery after hard sessions seems to be a lot better on the days when I remember to take a decent protein source for immediately after! I like the idea of baby food though if you don't fancy solids...... or just puree leftover roast sweet pots and make your own yummy post WO fuel :)

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