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Juice and Coffee


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I've seen some conflicting posts about juice and coffee.

I have a thermomix and often make a vegie juice. It uses the entire vegetable and fruit. A typical juice of mine will be kale/spinach, cucumber, apple, ginger/tumeric, mint/parsley. Sometimes I'll use other greens if I have them, like celery, broccoli etc. I add a little bit of coconut water to thin it down as it is quite thick from using all of the veg or fruit.

Is this juice acceptable under whole30? I would have it WITH breakfast, not as a replacement. Or as a snack or PWO meal.

Now I have a question on coffee. Also in my thermomix, I make a dairy free coffee. I make my own almond, hazelnut or cashew milk (about 15-20 grams of nuts and 180 grams filtered water) and add brewed coffee, a dash of coconut sugar and sometimes a dash of vanilla bean extract. I know that coconut sugar is out, that's fine. Would this coffee be ok to have WITH breakfast (not a replacement)? Is vanilla bean extract ok if it's 100% vanilla bean? I do have vanilla bean powder as well.

I have checked out the bulletproof coffee. It doesn't really appeal to me, especially if it's meant to be a meal replacement. I"m also confused though as I thought butter wasn't allowed? Unless whole 30 people are using ghee?

I guess my main question is, if I have breakfast, coffee and juice all before lunch - is that not really following the plan?

Thanks :)

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a veggie-heavy juice with breakfast would be technically compliant, but not recommended: try eating those veggies instead, to benefit from fiber, etc.


coffee with home-ade nut milk (no sweetener) is also ok. On vanilla, make sure it is not an alcohol-based or glycerin-based extract (I don't know of any that are not). pure vanilla bean power or paste is ok.


yes, people doing the whole30 make their bulletproof coffee with ghee or just coconut oil or a mix of the two. We don't recommend it particularly, especially if you are trying to use this coffee to replace a good solid breakfast.


The best results will come from following the meal template and keeping "extra" items at a minimum.

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