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Lunch Time and Dinner Time Workouts

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Hi guys! Would appreciate your advice on my meal plan given my schedule. This is how I used to eat before W30. Will be starting W30 tom and need to adjust my eating schedule. Any suggestions?

Wake up at 7am

Eat breakfast on the road (8am) or in the office (830am)

Workout over lunch (12:30-1:30) -- usually HIIT/Cardio/Body Weight

Lunch 2:00pm

Snacks 4:30pm

Dinner 6:00 or 6:30pm

Frisbee Training/Yoga/Pilates/Wall Climbing 8:00pm

Thanks in advance!

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If that were my timetable, I would have a small preworkout meal before the lunchtime workout, I wouldn't worry about a post workout meal there because you are eating lunch anyway, eliminate the snacks, and have a small post workout meal after the evening workout. Everyone is different, so play round and see what suits you

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