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Never thirsty when on whole 30


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I'm generally a person who is thirsty and drinking water all the time, and with good reason as I'm breastfeeding and also very active. But both times I've been on the whole 30 I've almost completely lost my thirst. Some days I'll hardly feel the need to drink anything at all, when I used to be parched all the time.


But I'm still peeing normal amounts of semi clear urine so I'm not dehydrated. My milk supply is also not compromised at all. I also eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies regardless of the whole 30 or not so I don't think I'm getting a ton of extra water in my food. So where am I getting this water? I've lost some weight both times, do you think it's being metabolized into water? Do eating grains require you to consume large amounts of water to digest them that you don't need when you're eating whole 30? I don't think it's a problem because I feel fine, but it's very odd.

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