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Katie's First Whole30! #gothis


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Hi Everyone!


I am so happy that there is a open forum where we can all share our Whole30 experience. I have been sharing via my social media channels, but don't feel like telling them every little detail. Know what I mean? Anyways, I started this Whole30 because as someone who already eats Paleo 90% of the time and am healthy, I know deep down that I am unhappy with the way I look and feel sometime and tend to be very hard on myself. That needs to stop. I also know that consuming wine every weekend and indulging on manchego cheese from sheep's milk is going to do nothing positive for my booty  :P O and did I mention sweet tooth, I put stevia in coffee, tea, paleo pancakes, smoothies you name it, if stevia can go on it I use it. This is a very expensive and detrimental habit to my tastebuds....again a habit I would like to break. So here was Day 1 and I was pretty pumped about it. Felt great throughout, even made myself to be cool about giving my husband the stevia and told him to take it away.


Pre C2 class at Corepower 5am: 2 dates, cup of black coffee, water

Breakfast 7:30am: 1 banana with a tablespoon of sunbutter, 2 eggs and 1 egg white scrambles with kale, then topped with Salsa

Lunch 12:30am: Homemade salad from Chop't that was a romaine/kale base mix with walnuts, turkey, bacon, beets, broccoli, hearts of palm, sundried tomatoes, S&P, then olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Snack 5:00pm: 2 small pieces of smoked boston butt left over from this weekend

Dinner: 8:00pm: Smoked chicken stir fry in coconut oil with green beans, cabbage, red pepper, and onion. Then half 1 small sweet potato and 2 small red potatoes


FELT good, let's see how tomorrow goes!



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Day 7 and I am really starting to feel it. Wore a dress last night I haven't worn in a year because it used to feel too tight around my hips, but now its not! It did suck though when we went out after our play and my husband got a couple drinks and I did not, stuck with club soda and lime :) Woke up feeling very hungry and sore. My abs were tight and so was my back. But a good sore, might be from my teaching spinning yesterday. Really looking forward to how the rest of this experience is going to go.

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