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HELP! This is a tricky one...


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I'm pescetarian, and using seafood, eggs, and nuts as my main protein sources.


I have a day trip coming up this weekend that will require me to drive several hours each way, and, in between, I will be on a boat for four to five hours, where Hindu vegetarians are hosting a potluck (so, everything vegetarian, and no eggs, onions, or garlic).


I have two questions:


1) What can I eat in the car that is not messy? Please note, I hate hard-boiled eggs, avocado, and mayo.


2) What can I bring to the vegetarian-with-no-egg-onion-or-garlic potluck that that will be Whole 30 compliant AND filling, because I'm pretty sure there will be very little of what other people bring that I will be able to eat.


Wow, I really stepped in it, with this one! :D


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For the travel snacks, tinned fish can be spooned into a lettuce leaf and rolled without too much mess, chopped carrots with a nut butter dip, sweet potato cubes (or any roast vege cubes really), coconut butter sets solid if you are in a cool area, and can be chopped into bars for travel. 

For the boat potluck, I would eat template sized meals before and after if possible, so you don't get too tempted by non-compliant food. Also, what about a salad with a fatty dressing to take? I love Paleo Mom's hot spinach and cranberry salad. Or a dish with nuts as the protein?

Best of luck and let us know how you get on

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what do you normally eat?


I think our culture has perpetuated an idea that people must eat while driving long distances, but if you get along fine eating three times per day normally, you can do so on a trip. Pack a cooler with a big salad and bring a can of salmon, and stop along the way and eat a proper lunch.


Although this is less to do with your question, and more general, I would caution you seriously against considering nuts to be a source of protein. They are mostly fat. Eating enough nuts to get meaningful protein into your meals will result in too much of the wrong kinds of fat and, quite likely digestive distress as well. More varieties of fish and seafood and eggs would be infinitely better.

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