Eating out in Atlanta


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Any suggestions for places to eat in Atlanta - breakfast and dinner - that are easy(ish) Whole30 compliant?


I will be traveling there for a conference at the end of October and will be there for 3 days.  Suggestions also need to be accessible via public transportation, as I won't have a vehicle.  And, I will be traveling with a friend who is doing her first W30, and she is mostly vegetarian.  So, bonus points for places with vegetarian options :)


This is my second W30 - the first time around I really relied on eggs/veggies for breakfast (which I can't heat up in a hotel room), and I only ate out once because it was such a pain :/


Any suggestions will be helpful!  Thanks!!

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Agreed on needing more info to better guide you, cgilbert.

However, jennl, Buckhead does have a Chipotle. And for a local spot, Farm Burger may be a safe choice (as long as you specify no butter, etc and ask some questions). Farm Burger has great salads and quality meats for sure.

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Hi!  So... I posted this and then never checked back!  Ooops!  Now that my travel date is quickly approaching, I decided to check back.  Thanks for all of the suggestions!!


I don't know the name of the area of town, but we'll be near the Peachtree Center station.  Does that help give you a better idea of location?


Thanks again for your help! :)

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