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Day One and I'm eating out yikes!


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I would go for sashimi...and pretty much only sashimi...some cucumber and avocado might be possible, maybe some carrot or lettuce. Depending on the type of restaurant they may be able to make you rolls or handrolls with just the above. nori is fine.


Be very clear with your server that you can not have soy, sugar and or rice. It is unlikely that any dressings or sauces would be compliant. japanese mayo has sugar and sometimes soy (this is in the 'spicy' rolls); pickled things (like ginger) have sugar; seaweed salad will have sugar and soy and other things...that carrot dressing has soy and sometimes sugar as well; the prepared wasabi will often have cornstarch (if it is neon green, you can be sure it is not compliant. if it is almost white there is a chance it is pure wasabi, which would be fine. just ask). Of course no miso soup. no edamame. no tempura battered things.


good luck!

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