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Hi everyone,

Is anyone having coconut milk kefir (homemade) on a regular basis?  

I have started the whole30 for 3 days now and have switched from dairy to coconut milk.  Coconut milk is much higher in fats and calories than dairy.  I drink one cup per day, is that too much for someone trying to lose weight?



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What matters is what you are doing overall. Whether you get your fat from a cup of coconut milk or another source is not the issue. Whether you are getting the proper amount of fat along with protein and veggies is the point. So, you can't get useful feedback about your coconut milk consumption without telling us everything else you are eating. :)

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Hello Sleeve and Tom,

I take dairy kefir for probiotics which I now switch to coconut milk kefir. It's a drink I take early morning on empty stomach before breakfast which usually consists of 1 boiled egg, 1 cup salad (usually broccoli) with 1 heaping teaspoon each of hemp seeds, ground flaxseed, goji berries and tahini.

Lunch and dinner consist of a 2 cups of salad (usually a mixed of turnips, carrots, romain, cabbage, beetroot), palm size fresh coconut, a few olives, a few Brazil nuts and 1portion of fish/chicken/beef and 1 to 2 heaping tablespoon of homemade guacamole as a dressing.

I do drink homemade kefir water and kombucha throughout the day as well.

Is this a good meal plan?

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You have a good foundation.  The portion size for eggs is the most you can fit in your hand.  This is 3-4 eggs. 


The tahini and goji, no real issue, but the bioavailability of flax is so low that honestly all you're getting is omega-6 since the ALA is nearly indigestible until you eat flax for a long time and adapt your conversion rate.  You're not getting full value of the minerals due to phytic acid, not only the minerals in the flax but also in what you sprinkle them on because phytates bond to minerals and make them indigestible and insoluble.  So some of the calcium in that broccoli takes the carpool lane.


Your lunch and dinner are balanced and cover a good spectrum, maybe a little shy on dark green leafies.  Have you thought about more varied meals?  How do you think you might feel on day 18 facing 24 more salads?  If you're good with that, rock on.  If you think you might make permanent change in these 30 days, think about how great variety in what we eat is, how we look forward to it, and how it satisfies.  We each make our own path, so I don't mean to prescribe.

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