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Im not really sure I am ready to do this :) .   I have been rapidly gaining weight since I started a new job where I sit at a desk all day.  I still work out but my eating habits at work are pulling me down a slippery slope.  I have not really prepared much but if I think about it for to long i know I wont start it. 


Im excited to :


get back to eating healthy

fit into my jeans

feel comfortable about my body again

hopefully see clearer skin

clean my pantry and desk out of all the crappy food that has built up there

build better long term habits


im worried about:


sticking to it!!!

getting bore with food options

not finishing...



Im not really sure how we are supposed to use this forum but does anyone use it as a blog?  Talk about how you are feeling each day/help get over struggles?


Last thing for now... any one with good recipies that are easy (not a ton of ingredients) ? I would love to hear them!

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Yes, people definitely use the forums as a blog-type setting -- check out the Your Whole30 Log section to see what others are doing, and feel free to start a log of your own. If you have specific questions as you go along, you can also post in the Troubleshooting section.  


If you want to see if a question has been addressed before, it's best to google Whole30 plus whatever your question is -- google works better than the search function here in the forum most of the time.


Be sure you've read the Whole30 rules, the Can I Have list, and the Meal Template


For recipes, check out Nom Nom Paleo and The Clothes Make The Girl -- most of their recipes are Whole30, but be sure you pay attention, they have a few that aren't.  On The Clothes Make The Girl, look under Paleo 101 and read up on how she prepares for each week by doing a weekly cookup -- it's very helpful to have most of your food prepped before the week starts, since during the week you may not always have time or energy to cook every single meal. 


You can definitely keep it simple -- I'll brown a pound or two of ground beef that can then go into salads or into soups or mixed with eggs in the morning. I usually cook a pound or two of chicken too, or sometimes roast a whole chicken that then I can use for chicken salad or throw into stir fries or put on salads, and I can use remains to make chicken broth to use next time I make soup or need broth for another recipe -- or you could use this recipe and have gravy with your chicken. If you tend to be in a hurry in the morning, look into making a breakfast casserole, egg muffins, or frittata that you can make ahead and reheat every day -- just be sure your serving sizes are big enough -- I aim for 2-3 eggs' worth in each serving, depending on how much meat is in it. Since a serving of eggs is as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand, adjust to meet your own personal serving size.

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