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Travel before reintroduction


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Hi! I'm two weeks into my first Whole30, so far so good! But I have conundrum I need some help with. 6 days before the end of my 30 days I'm going abroad with my family to celebrate my mother's birthday, a trip which wasn't planned as I started. Now I'm trying to figure out how to deal with it. My main two reasons to do a Whole30 are to stop snacking and test if I have any dairy sensitivities. Dairy will be the only thing I'll try to reintroduce but I'm worried this trip might force me to wait another 30 days. If I have any dairy by mistake during my trip, I will need to restart right? What if I don't even notice and go ahead and reintroduce dairy during day 31, might the results be messed up? Right now I see three options: doing another 30 days after the trip, doing dairy reintroduction at day 24 (before trip), or do my reintroduction on day 31 and hope I ate clean. Any thoughts and tips would be so welcome!

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