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Is this a good base-line meal plan for my first few days on whole30?


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Not sure where to post this...


I'm starting my whole30 tomorrow, and I just wanted to check and see if my meal plan seems good.


For the rest of this week, my meals will look like:

Breakfast: a scramble made with sweet potatoes, squash, kale/spinach/swiss chard greens mix, and 2 eggs all cooked in coconut oil (making a large batch of this to have throughout the week)

Lunch: can of tuna, half an avocado, assorted crudite (carrots, jicama, and bell peppers), and a piece of fruit such as an orange or plum, with sparkling water

Dinner: bowl made of greens sauted in coconut oil with roasted squash/carrots/sweet potato and ground beef/turkey with spices topped with a fried egg, OR bowl of compliant chili with a sweet potato, OR spaghetti squash with meat sauce alongside a salad with oil and vinegar.


I'll also be drinking tea with coconut milk throughout the day.


Does this look ok? Balanced enough? I know it might be slightly carb-heavy, but I'm also 32 weeks pregnant so... I need my energy :) Thanks for your input!!

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The one concern I had reading your plan was whether you would be consuming enough protein. Two eggs at breakfast is probably one egg short and maybe two. A can of tuna may be okay, but you might need more. And I am assuming you plan a whole plate full of veggies. Especially while pregnant, it is important to eat enough.

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Please think carefully about eating canned tuna every day if you're pregnant unless you're absolutely certain you're sourcing something that has very low mercury contamination.  As a high trophic level fish (that eats other fish) the mercury density in tuna is among the highest along with shark and swordfish.


W30 compliance-wise, eat all the tuna you desire, but there's a bigger circle of nutritional facts than the benefits of W30 that you may wish to consider.


You've crossed week 30 so the bulk of rapid brain development is complete.  I have some NIH links if you're interested, but I find Dr. Mercola captures the point:  http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/01/22/mercury-pollution-and-prenatal-exposure.aspx.

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