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Day 2, started August 15th


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Hello all,

My family and I started our 30 on August 15th. So far, I have two very miserable kids and a hubby who is trying his hardest.

Ironically, I eat the best in our family normally but I have the most health issues. I am the true definition of "skinny-fat". 5'9", 143 lbs and very insulin resistant. When reading the book, I felt like the "Bad Day" should have been entitled "A Day in the Life of....Me!!!" But after reading what other issues could be helped with a change in our eating habits, I hopped on board the bandwagon!! My son suffers from terrible allergies and GI sensitives and my daughter has kidney issues. My hope is that one day our home has very little medications in it and that we can go longer than a month without someone having any health issues!!!

But for now, I just need some encouragement. My kids, like I said earlier, are miserable especially our little Princess. She has been crying pretty much all day today for cheese and pancakes. I am being strong but it helps that I got rid of all of those types of food. There is nothing to be tempted with!! I just pray it gets better.

Good luck to everyone just starting!!!

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Good Luck to you! I started officially the day you started also. Trying to get the family to follow along as well. They are for the most part, however, are not willing to commit fully yet. My kids are teenagers, and just getting them to anything is better than nothing I guess. You were brave getting rid of everything. I admire you for that.

I had to laugh when you stated that you were the one who ate the best and yet suffered from health issues. Not laughing at you... just with you. I too feel the same way. What us Mother's endure right?

Good luck once again!

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